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»Glory« Briefs

»Glory« Briefs

»Glory« Briefs


Romantic lingerie for those who want both comfort and luxury. The soft micro knit feels like silk on your skin and the rich embroidery on thin tulle creates a tattoo-like effect. The transparency accentuates your femininity and all the material is pleasant and very comfortable.
These classically cut briefs fit like a second skin and are a comfortable choice to wear all day long. The briefs gently hug your backside and are decorated on the hips with tattoo-like embroidery on transparent tulle. The thin lace around the waist makes them comfortable, yet romantic.

-     Classically cut briefs,
-     Decorative embroidery on the front,
-     Thin lace around the waist,
-     Soft, silk-like micro knit,
-     Cotton inset.

Polyamide: 76% Polyester: 8% Elastane: 16%
- Wash the laundry by hand or in a laundry bag, note the temperature information on the care instructions on the label attached.
- Do not squeeze bras with foam cups during washing.
- Wash white lingerie with a general purpose detergent for colored items use a detergent for delicate lingerie.
- Wash white and colored lingerie always separated.
- After washing hang lingerie to dry out, but on direct sunlight.