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»Luxury Dream« Brazilian Body

»Luxury Dream« Brazilian Body

»Luxury Dream« Brazilian Body


Unique embroidery, almost invisible tulle and soft knit provide a prestigious tattoo effect. This attractive body can be worn as outerwear with trousers or a skirt. You will most certainly be noticed in it. The thoughtfully cut neckline and the placement of tulle inserts accentuates feminine curves. Luxurious and elegant clothes.

-     Brazilian body
-     can be worn as outerwear with trousers, a skirt or under a blazer
-     luxurious embroidery on the cleavage
-     attractive detail in the back made from thin elastic
-     leg cuts in the back without irritating elastic, suitable to wear underneath clothes
-     seductive and prestigious clothing

Viscose: 90% Polyamide: 2% Polyester: 2% Elastane: 6%
- Note care instructions on the label attached.