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»Denise« Non-wired Bralette Bra

»Denise« Non-wired Bralette Bra

»Denise« Non-wired Bralette Bra


Are you looking for a bra in which you will feel extremely light? A non-wired bra is decorated with a seductive lace that will delight almost every woman. The bra is a modern bralette cut and will surely be a hit this season. It is not lined and it is slightly extended below and in that way suitable for all the ladies who like the natural décolletage look. In addition, the bra is smoothly designed, with no unnecessary contours along the cups, which would show through the clothes. And for the exceptionally seductive appearance of the bra, you can complete the look with French panties that emphasize the curves of the female body.

-     non-wired bralette bra
-     wider decorative elastic in the under-breast area for better coverage
-     individual shoulder strap regulation on the back
-     bra clasp with three different settings
-     shoulder straps and bra clasp are wider according to the size
-     lace underwear for modern trendsetters

Polyamide: 88% Elastane: 12%
- Wash the laundry by hand or in a laundry bag, note the temperature information on the care instructions on the label attached.
- Do not squeeze bras with foam cups during washing.
- Wash white lingerie with a general purpose detergent for colored items use a detergent for delicate lingerie.
- Wash white and colored lingerie always separated.
- After washing hang lingerie to dry out, but on direct sunlight.