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“Victoria” Beauty slim anti-cellulite briefs

“Victoria” Beauty slim anti-cellulite briefs

“Victoria” Beauty slim anti-cellulite briefs


These anti-cellulite briefs will help shape your body, as they:

-         encourage burning of fat with the help of natural ingredients (caffeine, retinol, aloe vera, vitamin E),
-         improve the elimination of liquids from the body,
-         shape your figure and alleviate the orange-peel look of your skin,
-         are made from dermatologically tested Revolutional Slim material, which is very thin, airy, quick to dry and invisible under tight clothes.
-         It is recommended to wear the briefs as often as possible, at least 8 hours daily. The results are visible after 6 weeks.
-         The ingredients in the material are not permanent and gradually lose their efficiency after several washings.

Advice: Wear Brazilian briefs under the Beauty Slim briefs so you do not need to wash them every time you wear them – they will remain active for longer. 

Polyamide: 71% Elastane: 29%
- Note care instructions on the label attached.