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»Florianne« High-Leg Briefs

»Florianne« High-Leg Briefs

»Florianne« High-Leg Briefs


This delicate lingerie with luxurious and romantic embroidery embodies subtle femininity. Its exceptional comfort and the femininity of the embroidery are emphasized by gentle spring flowers, transparency, and mesh that has a pearly shine.
The trend of the season is high-leg briefs.

-     trend of the season: high-leg briefs
-     lifted leg openings placed on the hip that makes the legs appear longer
-     made from soft and comfortable mesh
-     luxurious embroidery in the front
-     shimmery, comfortable, and wide elastic in the waist
-     leg openings end with sophisticated thin elastic
-     available up to size 46
-     a cotton insert between the legs
-     curvy model wears briefs in size 42

Polyamide: 72% Polyester: 11% Elastane: 17%
- Wash the laundry by hand or in a laundry bag, note the temperature information on the care instructions on the label attached.
- Do not squeeze bras with foam cups during washing.
- Wash white lingerie with a general purpose detergent for colored items use a detergent for delicate lingerie.
- Wash white and colored lingerie always separated.
- After washing hang lingerie to dry out, but on direct sunlight.