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»Victoria« Spacer Bra with Moulded Cups

»Victoria« Spacer Bra with Moulded Cups

»Victoria« Spacer Bra with Moulded Cups


“Victoria” spacer bra with moulded cups is extremely soft, moulded cups are very thin and mobile, but they nevertheless provide optimum support for larger, heavier breasts. The bra is an excellent fit, and at the same time it is above all breathable and light – despite its integrated wire support, you feel no tightness, and at the same time, breathable fabric reduced sweating in the warmer period and ensures the greatest comfort during wearing. External side of the cups is smooth and it creates a seamless look under tight clothes.
Cups are made of special spacer foam, which is woven in a way to form 3D foamy air pockets between layers of mesh. This way, air passes through cups easier, and the foam regulates the exchange of cold air from the environment and hot air warmed with body temperature.
With size E, interior of the cups is strengthened with special mesh for additional support and comfort; the U-shaped back is additionally padded with functional tulle, so the bra carries the weight of larger breasts well, and provides all the additional support.

-       underwired spacer bra with moulded cups
-       interior of the cups has a velvety feel
-       smooth cups for a seamless look
-       back shaped as a letter U
-       decorative lengthening straps
-       decorative bow
-       basic piece of underwear, available up to size 95E
-       E cup size: interior of the cups is reinforced with special mesh
-       E cup size: back reinforced for optimal fit

Polyester: 85% Elastane: 15%
- Wash the laundry by hand or in a laundry bag, note the temperature information on the care instructions on the label attached.
- Do not squeeze bras with foam cups during washing.
- Wash white lingerie with a general purpose detergent for colored items use a detergent for delicate lingerie.
- Wash white and colored lingerie always separated.
- After washing hang lingerie to dry out, but on direct sunlight.