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Adrenaline bomb

She wore a low-cut top. Very low-cut, if you ask me. So low that I daringly peaked out sometimes – finally a breath of fresh air after the long cold winter; any longer in the endless depths of that stuffy wardrobe and I would have perished from all the dust ... or from sadness.


We went into town, by bicycle. Gravity is a heavy burden and working at heights does not improve the situation. Since I have no safety belts – yes, I like to test my limits! – I need to impress with my back-and-chest combination. And riding a bicycle is a matter of life or death, since the smallest slip could reveal all the safely guarded ... secrets.


She was in a hurry; we raced like crazy. And then, in a fraction of a second, everything turned upside down.


The speed of light, a sharp turn in front of us, a loud group of teenagers to the left, an older couple to the right. A playful dog suddenly jumped in front of us – braaaaaake! – and she stopped. The bicycle went left, we went right, I hung onto her for dear life and she hung onto the bicycle. For a second or two I was afraid – for both of us. But at the last moment she managed to get back on the bicycle and we stayed firmly off the ground. Firmly.... uh-oh ....I almost forgot. Worried, I glanced left and right and quickly checked the situation.


Oh, what a relief ... All safe and sound. Everything in its place, steady and – whoa! Adrenaline rush? Slow down, girl.


This was quite a workout. I feel like a heavy-duty manual labourer. Can you image lifting even heavier weights? Oh, well, for the Unique multiway balconette bra, that would be no problem. What must be done, can be done. 


Multiway balkonet modrček - Unique