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Body shaping tricks

When it seems that in order to wear your favourite tight dress you need to lose a few more pounds, try something that works instantly: wear shaping lingerie that slightly squeezes your body and provides support where you want it. Since you probably do not want hems to be visible underneath clothing, choose appropriate styles such as lingerie made of the revolutionary Italian »clean cut« material that does not wrinkle and is invisible underneath clothing thanks to its seamless hems and lack of added elastic.

What pieces will keep your secret?


Shaping bodysuit "Bella"
Shaping bodysuit

Do you want something firm yet comfortable to shape your body? Bodyliner will squeeze you where it needs to. The front is lined and gently squeezes the belly, helping you to achieve an attractive shape that will not be spoiled by fat rolls. You can also wear it with your favourite bra. It can accompany you every day, including on special occasions when you want to shine.


High waist shaping briefs "Bella"High waist shaping briefs

Bodyliner briefs are lined in the front with a »shaper« effect what will effectively shape your belly, back, and waist. They are completely invisible underneath clothing, so the cause of your great shape will remain secret.


Padded shaping bodysuit "Bella"
Padded shaping bodysuit

It envelops the body nicely, thus creating a beautiful shape. It hides your belly and corrects the shape of your body all the way up to your breasts. Its foam cups support the breasts nicely, creating cleavage that will cause envy.