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Complete relaxation

We are going to the seaside. Finally, the entire group has come together again. All old friends: sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and little old us – Bahami briefs and bra. Summer really is our time to shine. We rush in all directions, protect from everything, and ensure unforgettable vacations. Especially me. Being a bra, I play the key role in supporting and body shaping. Monika is well aware of my importance and takes me with her everywhere. And so we went to the seaside with my (a little bit less talkative) group of superheroes.

It is hard to say who is more in love with the relaxed summer laziness and refreshing waves, which make us shine even brighter in the sun. With the gentle breeze that lulls us to sleep in the shade of the trees. And with the calming scent of pine trees and lively screeching of crickets, which are essential for a true holiday atmosphere.

Peace and quiet. Far away laughter of children joins the pleasant melody of the sea. Our rest is interrupted only by occasional jumps and relaxed swimming. At those moments, I have to work a bit harder but, with my strength, I barely feel it. With my fashionable push-up cut and soft, silky touch I seductively accentuate the cleavage while ensuring perfect comfort. Easy-peasy.

I make sure that Monika look like a real diva on the beach. No wonder she likes me best out of the entire group. Well, she also has nice things to say about the briefs. What do they say ... tell me what company you keep and I will tell you who you are. We really are the best team.