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Full moon

Seductive embroidery, transparent net and a daring intertwinement of wide elastics. Moon, Lady Moon. Already in my element. We are just going out to dinner with Ivana. She picked an elegant dress that gently embraces her curves, which are discretely accentuated with my help. She looks like a real lady.

We meet up with her date in the city and he cannot hide his enthusiasm. Together, we go to a restaurant nearby. The conversation runs smoothly and, during the dinner, it is clear that the chemistry is there on both sides, accompanied by innocent flirtatious looks and a series of compliments. Despite the fact that their hearts are beating faster than ever, they seem really sophisticated.

I am bored, so I start staring out of the window, watching the city go by. What a nice summer evening. How great it is to brush aside the entire world and just be – even though I am on duty. But never mind. With my wired cups and soft seamless straps, I can perform my job with my left buckle. Even if my mind is elsewhere. But just as my thoughts are flying far far away, what wakes me up from my dreams is ... 


... water. Ice cold water.

Amazed, I turn back to the table. There it is a visibly excited lady standing by the table – and she has poured a bucket full of ice cold water all over Ivana’s date. It was an ice bucket, in which a nice bottle of sparkling wine had rested not long ago. She topped off the act with some juicy words. What is going on? I am surrounded by astonished faces.

The confused couple turns towards the frantic stranger, but then she herself halts in astonishment, takes a step back and starts apologizing. She made a mistake. She is really sorry. In a wave of anger, she had mistaken Ivana’s date for someone else.

A moment of silence follows this series of fuzzy apologies.

The pair glance at one another in surprise, hesitate for a split second and then start laughing. Every day a new story.