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Here we go with those skinny girls again

In the fashion industry, it is difficult to avoid comments like: “You only promote skinny girls” or “Why don't you post more photos of ordinary women?”. The fashion world has always had its standard measures for models, used all over the world, but many people do not know that.

Find out why we most often see lingerie on slim models!


 Bella lingerie for all women

1. Everything starts with size 38

As early as during their training years, future fashion designers first get acquainted with size 38. Size 38 is a standard basic size which they begin to tailor and design. Later on, other larger or smaller sizes (36, 40, 42…) are adjusted to the first cut made in size 38. For bras, the standard basic size in the fashion industry is 75B, while for panties it is 38 (a 75B bra matches size 38 panties). 

2. The preparation of a collection takes more than a year

The collection for the upcoming summer is reviewed and confirmed at least a year in advance. A presentation is organized, namely with models wearing basic cuts/prototypes, which have already been made in sizes 75B and 38. Once the products are confirmed, testing begins. If all is well, the basic size can then be reduced or enlarged and tested further.

For one collection (spring/summer or autumn/winter) many products in different sizes have to be made. Each collection has multiple lines, each line has multiple batches, each batch multiple products, and each product can have a number of colours. Here we are talking about lingerie, sleepwear collections, swimwear, etc., namely for women, men and little ones. Can you imagine how many pieces we end up with?

Example – this year's spring/summer collection (2021) offers about 3,500 different sizes.  

3. Not all products are necessarily available in all sizes

Not all cuts and materials have the same characteristics or are fit for all builds. Lace and elastic sometimes don’t stretch enough, and thus some cuts turn out gorgeous in size 75B and 38, while in larger sizes some details aren’t pronounced enough. Elegant transparency is also harder to achieve. Since it is important to us that bras and panties fit women, they remain on offer up to the optimal size that ensures comfort and a nice fit.

 Bella lingerie for all women

4. Choosing models

Now you know that the first products are always made in sizes 75B and 38. Models with such measures then participate in the first photo shoot. The chosen models are not too thin, but they have beautiful curves and a full cleavage, so lingerie would look nice on them.

You also know that first, sample prototypes are made, and they are then photographed on models. The real collection doesn't actually exist at all at the time of the first photo shoot. Nevertheless, there are also cuts that are first made in larger sizes and then photographed.

Fun facts

• Our models are quite tall, so they look slimmer. The same product will look completely different on a 165 cm tall woman.
• Lingerie models are among “chubbier” models. Your average model for outerwear often has breasts that are not large enough even for cup size A.



If you would like to collaborate with us and show us how good you look in our lingerie, feel free to send us a short presentation with photos at marketing@lisca.si.