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It's time for presents

With a little skills and originality you can create lovely gifts. And remember - lingerie can be a nice gift.


Envelop Rudolf for him

  • 1. You need paper, glue, scissors and template for a circle or a pair of compasses.
  • 2. Draw and cut out 4 circles, diameter 18 cm.
  • 3. Fold all of the circles in the middle and glue them together (see the photo).
  • 4. Place the gift in the middle and close the envelope.

Use your imagination and decorate it as you wish.



Christmas tree for her

  • 1. You need paper, glue, scissors and template for a square and Christmas tree.
  • 2. Square and Christmas tree serves you as a template to draw gift box.
  • 3. Cut out gift box and fold by side-lines.
  • 4. Place the gift in the middle and glue the box together.
  • 5. Decorate it as you wish. You can put this gift box on a Christmas tree and use it as a decoration.