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The celebratory opening of a new Lisca store in Kiev

On Saturday, 11 March 2017, Lisca added another store to its international sales network. In collaboration with local partners, Lisca celebrated the opening of its first franchise store in Kiev, Ukraine. 

Fragrant orchids, a mini runway show, good music and positive energy created a special atmosphere at the opening. The opening of the new store in the most fashionable mall in Kiev, the Lavina Mall, was attended by Goran Kodelja, Lisca’s CEO, Gragorj Frank, deputy ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Ukraine, Sevki Acuner, the European bank for reconstruction and development’s Director for Ukraine, CEOs of the international companies Lacoste, Lifecell and Beko in Ukraine, Zafer Ozbay, the president of the Turkish-Ukrainian association in Ukraine and many others.

The mood at the event was kept high by the legendary fashion week DJ Jean Gritsfeldt, who flew in from Paris for the occasion. Catering and hospitality were in the capable hands of the employees of the famous Kiev restaurant the Budha Bar.

However, Lisca’s plans for the Ukrainian capital are not over yet, as the opening of another store is planned for the autumn.