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Light and playful

The temperatures are rising, the water is getting warmer, and the bravest are already splashing around in the sea. Tina and I stick to moderate sunbathing. We enjoy the gentle embrace of the warm afternoon sun. It is a cosy, summery feeling. Then, our nap is interrupted by her friends.


“In the wateeeeer!” they shout as one.


Suddenly, we are surrounded and lifted into the air. Noooo, no, no, no, no. Tina is laughing and trying to escape their grip, but to no avail.The water is closer and closer and the playful shouting continues.I mentally prepare for the startling change of temperature. 


Fruity bandeau bra – swimwear


“Aaaaaaaa!” yells Tina. I completely agree. The water is still very fresh; we are in for a real cold shower.


“You twits! You better get ready to feel the refreshing power of the water yourselves!”


She lunges for the nearest friend, grabs her arm, and drags her knee-high into the water. The others join them and soon we are all completely soaked through. Well, why leave things only half done? One after another, we happily fall into the water. Refreshing. Tina makes a few more strokes, then we return to the towel.


Mmmm, it feels so good to be able to show my other side to the sun today. Yes, you heard right, my other side. The one with the pineapples. By now, you probably know who I am – and how I look. You’re right, I’m the versatile Fruity bandeau bra. In combination with the versatile briefs, we can give you four different looks! Great, right? And thanks to my fashionable bandeau cut without straps you can forget all about the tan lines. Yes, I am an essential part of the mandatory summer equipment.