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Motherly ties - Nursing bra

The child, the miracle and joy of life. A creation of new connections, motherly, family, emotional ones. Genuine connections between the mommy and the baby begin to form right after birth. Even during breastfeeding.

Nutrition in the first year of the child's life considerably impacts a child's health in the future. Approximately the first six months, a genuine connection is formed between the child and the mother due to breastfeeding. A mother's milk contains all important nutrients, which a baby needs in the first half of a year, as they ensure a consistent development of the child's organs. It also contains protective substances which shield the child from infections.
For successful breastfeeding, a calm life without stress is important, so make sure, that you will be as rested as possible. Feeding on a mother's breast will certainly also be more pleasant with the use of bras, which enable simple and comfortable breastfeeding.

The Lisca breastfeeding bra Pretty Mommy will be welcome, as it ensures everything, that a breastfeeding mother needs. It is comfortable and made of a pleasant material, providing the necessary support for breasts, which become fuller and heavier in this period. But the most important thing is that the bra, during breastfeeding, enables simple release and closing of the cup. The pin above the cup can be undone with one hand. The double shaped cup provides suitable support and thus practical breastfeeding.