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New victories

Is there anything better than summer days by the seaside? I would be hard to convince. Pleasantly refreshing draft is perfect for lazy lounging in the shade of aromatic pine trees and recharging batteries that were drained during the year. Well, Pia’s batteries anyway. I had a looong vacation and was anxious to return to work. What am I really doing?


It’s a long list, starting with ensuring perfect support for Pia’s luxurious breasts and gently hugging her full curves to make her figure even more beautiful. A responsible job, don’t you agree? And I take it very seriously. During easy swimming and wandering around as well as during sporting activities in the sea and on the beach, which are the only thing Pia loves more than rest during the holidays. Her free days are an exciting combination of complete relaxation and all kinds of movements... 


Gran Canaria foam cup bra – swimwear


“Hey, girl!”

A familiar voice wakes us from pleasant hibernation. It’s Maša.

“Are you up for a game of beach volley or are you still recovering from yesterday’s party?”

Maša is always up for a new challenge. She is already standing up.

“Let’s go!”


I hug her full curves a little more closely in my pleasantly thin and soft fabric. Maša looks right at me:


“O-la-la! And what is this?”


If I weren’t black, I’d blush up to my straps. Well, it doesn’t matter, as long as the girls don’t notice. They join the playful group on the sand, and this is where the fun part starts. Pia tirelessly chases the ball and I try to catch her curves. Fun for both of us! We jump in all directions and we are doing great! We win us many points.


The girls are delighted. Especially about me. About my trendy cut which hugs the curves. About my wide straps for reliable support and perfect comfort. About my elegant look, which makes Pia look like a fashion icon even during an unfortunate fall on the sand. Watch and learn, girls. My name is Canaria, Gran Canaria. And I can give you everything you need.