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Over hill and dale

Hi there! They call me Sporty and I’m a true fighter. I like to test my abilities on all sorts of terrains to prove that I am the best, the strongest, the most stable – to prove that I am an athlete! But I must admit, today was a long and tiring day.  Jane and I went to the mountains – not to hike but to run! It was a special challenge alright ... 


While she enthusiastically runs up the steep slopes, I have to work even harder. Imagine carrying two considerable baskets that jump wildly in a crazy tempo – left, up, right, down, let’s go – fast, stop – slow down... Just as I catch the rhythm, she goes and changes it slightly.


There is pressure from all sides, but I never give in. I have everything under control! Higher, faster, easier, stronger! Freedom of movement is guaranteed.


That’s how we roll. I feel so hot, almost overheated, but luckily there is a fresh breeze from above, so I can keep a cool head. You just run, even around the world, if you want to!


... Then we’re back home. Aaaaand there goes Miss Sporty bra, straight into the laundry basket. Well, what to do? I bravely prepare for the waves and enjoy the refreshing treatment! 

Miss Sporty Bra