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Paris Fair

In January, the French capital has traditionally been all about fashion and this year it was all about the fashion trends, which will mark 2021. Some of our associates visited the Salon International de la lingerie and Interfilière fair. Numerous manufacturers of lingerie and fabrics made presentations, but far fewer than in previous years.

The fair was marked by a trend that can be observed in various campaigns, and which Lisca has been following for several seasons: presenting styles on women of different shapes and ages. During the fashion shows, even mature women and curvier models walked with the traditional models, thus showing the variety of bodies and the lingerie that can beautifully cover all body shapes.

The fair also featured an interesting BRA FITTING lecture by a world-renowned American lecturer and lingerie expert, Kimmay Caldwell. It took the form of a workshop, with hands-on demonstrations on two models. The theme was optimal lingerie fitting, improved comfort, effective lingerie design, and correct size selection. She explained the lingerie sizing system by country, as countries differently designate sizes and cups. Namely, many brands have their own standard of measurement.

Our associates visited both existing and potential business partners.