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Party time

We went to a party yesterday. It was crazy. I had glitter all over me and I felt like a real star. I was able to peek out the whole time and compare myself to the other rebels. The students were so cool! Petra and Maja, for example. I can always have a heated discussion with their bras. And my Nika, of course. It would’ve been so much harder if she didn’t let me breathe. Restricted view and all that, you know how it is. Well, just when we get talking – bam!


HE comes up out of nowhere. A hot guy, woohoo, but I think I impressed him more than my Nika did – he couldn’t keep his eyes off me!


I’m actually not surprised – with pads like a true Miss Seduce, I always make sure that things look good. But this situation dragged on and on. I played a great supporting part but I was starting to get bored.


That’s when things really heated up.


They danced in the wild rhythm of the music. We were jumping left, right and actually all-around. Crazy fun! Well, at least for them. I was testing all the natural laws. Let me take this modest remark that I really am a first-class juggler - who also work late into the night.


The night shift sure is tough.


Modrček push-up Miss Seduce