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Perfect bra for light summer tops

In the summer, we replace heavy clothes with lighter fabrics. We stow our knits at the bottom of the closet and bring out the short-sleeved and sleeveless tops, where a suitable bra can be the key to a beautiful and elegant look. Do you know which bra to choose?


When wearing light clothes, the right bra size is even more important than normal. Only the right-sized bra can create a beautiful cradle for our breasts and ensure sufficient support. If the bra is too small, it creates an “overflowing” effect, if it is too large, it does not serve its purpose.


Try to avoid bras with laces or other decorations on the cups. Bras with smooth cups are a much better choice, as the light fabrics slide over them effortlessly. Our advice for the optimal look and comfort is a cotton bra with foam cups to create a beautiful shape.


The Comfy bra is an excellent choice, as it creates a light and airy feeling for the summer days, while its neutral colour ensures a discrete and elegant effect under even the lightest tops. If you want a more classic image, take a look at our Anja bra.