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How to put on tights without ripping them

How to put on tights without ripping them
Have you ever bought yourself a nice pair of tights and then they tore as soon as you tried to put them on? Or you pulled the material with your fingernail, and a torn thread appeared on the tights?

Some things in life go without saying. That is, they become implicit because we handle them like well-programmed machines, without really thinking about it. For example, button fastening or driving a car from the office to your home.

Or putting on tights.

Yet, behind each of these tasks lies a skill and knowledge that should be renewed from time to time. Although you may have never thought about it, there are rules for putting on tights.


Putting on tights properly - STEP 1

First and probably the most important is not to rush. Think of tights as another skin and treat them that way. Take the jewellery off your hands and wash them. Place your thumbs along the edge of the tights and gently fold them along their entire length.


Putting on tights properly - STEP 2

Sit down, put the tights on your toes, straighten the material and slowly and evenly pull them over the heel to the knee. Feel the silky softness slide gently over your skin.


Putting on tights properly - STEP 3

Pay attention to the calves, ankles and knees – tights should not crease on them but should stay a little tight. Be careful not to tighten them too much because you have to feel relaxed while wearing them, and the tights themselves must cover your legs nicely.


Putting on tights properly - STEP 4   Putting on tights properly - STEP 5

Pull the tights over the thighs to the waist using the thumbs of both hands. Carefully adjust and align them around the hips if necessary.

By putting them on properly, you will extend the lifetime of your tights and preserve their beauty even longer. Adopt this new habit and enjoy the feeling that comes with wearing your favourite tights.