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Day of Your Dreams

Shy smiles and glances, the first date, butterflies in the stomach and then love. Limitless and simply wonderful. Then, he asks the right question and you are on cloud nine. Excitement between preparations, dress, bouquet, shoes, space, music... But what about lingerie?

Lingerie on the wedding day is almost as important as the dress itself. It must emphasize feminine curves in just the right spots, you need to feel perfect and light in it, as if you are not wearing anything, as you obviously do not want for it to spoil your perfect day. The selection of right colour, size and design is of key importance.

For your selection to be perfect, we have some advice:

A perfect fit
You will wear the lingerie all day, so you must feel not only seductive but also comfortable in it. Pay attention to choosing the right size and right design. Take your time and try on various designs, perhaps you will find that a size you do not usually select fits you best.

Colours and accents
Traditionally, the only one to wear magical white and innocently but glamorously stand out from the crowd at a wedding is the bride. If you are such a princess, you may choose from the lingerie in snow white or cream colours. Of course, modern brides dare to choose more daring colours and patterns. For a more modern wedding dress choice, we advise the selection of lingerie in a similar colour or tan colour, which will act as a second skin and be entirely invisible under the wedding dress. Besides the colour, also pay more attention to the design of the lingerie and take advantage of the various cuts to emphasize your attributes. With a balconet bra or push up WOW bra, you may show off your bust, while the push up briefs will help you emphasize your shapely behind.

Lace or minimalism
In regards to the wedding dress that you chose, also decide for suitable lingerie. If your dress is thin and smooth, it is perhaps better to select among the minimalist designs of lingerie and choose smooth bras with seamless cups. Thus, you will discreetly hide the lingerie under the dress and ensure your own comfort and support. The designs with removable straps are also popular. If you adore lace and embroidery, you may also proudly wear them on the wedding day. 

Don't forget, the wedding day is followed by a wedding night and a wedding morning. Why not surprise your chosen one the next morning with passionate colours of black sensuality? Remind him that, along with a sensual and glamorous princess, you are also a bold, playful minx. Memories of your wedding day will always include the common memories of your first wedding morning.

Never forget that the day you have been waiting for is yours and you deserve something special, something eternal and beautiful, which will stay in your memory forever.