Summer! Here we come.

Warmer temperatures, the pleasant touch of sun rays, and playful fun in the water. Finally! I’ve been waiting too long for such days. Days when I can finally jump from the closet onto the beach and into the water. My Zala is also excited, I can feel her joy. She puts me in her bag, together with the towel and sun cream. With my double protection, I don’t think I need to worry. I can rest for a while to gather all my energy. I close my eye only for a moment – it’s sooo nice and warm ... wake-up call!


Her hand suddenly jerks me out of the bag and she starts putting me on. By now, you probably know who I am. Yes, I’m the top part of her swimsuit – triangle push-up bra Cres. Well, let me get back to my story. She puts me on, checks the mirror twice from all angles and smiles with satisfaction. I also like what I see. And then it’s time for work. Those breasts are not going to hold themselves up.


Cres triangle push-up bra – swimwear


Just a couple of steps and we are on the beach. Zala stretches lazily while I try to keep balance and remain calm. Everything goes smoothly. While she puts on the sun cream, I make sure that everything stays in place and to protect her from curious glances. Wherever there’s a need.


We quickly move towards the water and in a blink of an eye we’re standing on the end of the pier. Uh-oh. She’s going to dive in head first, hold ooooon – I don’t move even a little bit. Then we swim for a while – well, Zala swims and I support her precious assets. The water is perfect. It’s great to be amphibious and live both in the water and on the ground. Mmm... Despite occasional troubles, I think I have the best job in the world.