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A quick guide for choosing the right thickness of tights

A quick guide for choosing the right thickness of tights
We all know that thighs are an ideal solution to stay fashionable on colder days, keeping ourselves warm at the same time. But there are thousands of designs and types to choose from and you can easily get lost among them. So how do you choose the right tights?

If you feel lost and confused when buying tights, you will probably be delighted if we tell you that there is a system that can help you find what you need with ease.

The system is called DENIER.

If you understand Denier, you will be able to choose the ideal tights for every day of the year.

What is DENIER?

Denier is a measurement unit that describes the transparency, strength, thickness and warmth of your tights. It is often presented as DEN.

The higher the Denier of your tights, the thicker they are and the less transparent they will be.

The lower the Denier of the tights, the thinner they are and the more invisible they become. It's really simple.

Higher Denier

Thicker tights with higher Denier will be less transparent and warmer. For example: if you choose Denier 40, you will get warmer tights perfect for colder weather. Tights with higher Denier will be both stronger and more durable, they will protect you on cold days and indulge you with comfort.

On cold December and January days, opt for tights with the highest Denier possible.

Lower Denier

Tights with lower Denier are thinner and more transparent. They are perfect for spring and summer months, or even for early autumn. You will want to wear such tights from April to November for a daytime look, while for a sexy evening look they will be suitable all year round. Tights with lower Denier need more attention and proper care due to lower fabric density. Namely, a lower density achieves a transparent appearance and a thickness suitable for warmer days.

We recommend:

< 30 DEN: transparent, light tights for warmer days
30 – 40 DEN: semi-transparent tights for transitional period
> 40 DEN: thicker, opaque tights for colder days

HIGHLIGHT 1: If you want to wear tights, but still leave the impression of not wearing them and that your legs are bare, choose transparent, invisible skin-tone tights.

HIGHLIGHT 2: Tights with lower Denier can be worn all summer long to complement your evening look.