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Who is Ana?

Who is Ana?
This likeable girl from Nova Gorica first stepped on her skis under the watchful gaze of her father, and, instead of becoming a hairdresser, as was her childhood dream, she became a skier. She studies mathematics and physics at the Faculty of Education, while also competing in the Alpine Skiing World Cup. Her best showing so far was in January 2017, when she won 7th place at the Golden Fox race. Always smiling Ana Bucik competes because of her love of the sport and is sure that she can go even further. Since September, Lisca supports her in her endeavours.

When did you start skiing and how did skiing become more than just a hobby?
I first stepped on the skis when I was three, at the Lokve ski slope near Nova Gorica. I always had fun skiing and since both my parents loved this sport, I spent many weekends and all winter holidays on the snow. When I was six, I joined the Gorica Ski Club, of which I am still a member. The training and races were only scheduled at weekends, and I did not begin training more seriously until I was around 12.

What is a typical day in the life of a professional skier?
The alarm clock usually goes off very early. The day starts with morning stretching and breakfast, after which we head to the ski slopes, where we stay for a couple of hours. The training is followed by lunch and rest. In the afternoon, we have fitness training, video analysis and team meetings. We end the day with a dinner and go to bed early to have enough energy for the next day. 
You have been competing for the World Cup for a couple of years now, but your professional path is just starting. However, at the races you also meet with other skiers, some of whom are real stars. What is the atmosphere like and what kind of relationship do you have with them? Can the stardom be felt behind the scenes, or are you all equal on the top of the hill?
The relationships within the Slovene team and with other teams are very good, we get along well. We also hang out after the games and laugh together a lot. But when we are at the start, everyone competes for herself. At that moment, you can feel the concentration and focus of every individual team and competitor.

Did any of the races earn a special place in your memory?
I have very fond memories of this year’s race in Maribor. The atmosphere was amazing and I can’t even describe how I felt when I took the lead in the second run. Even now, thinking about that race fills me with good feelings.

In winter, there is a competition in a different town almost every week. How do you coordinate all the traveling, do you even have time to return home?
In winter, I only come home for a day or two. That’s when I try to turn off my brain and reset before a new race. 
What is the one thing you must have with you on the road? What or who always travels with you?

I always wear my necklace, which I got from my parents the first time I won World Cup points. It brings me luck and I never go anywhere without it. And the notebook with my plans and lists.

Do you have a special before- or after-the-game ritual?
I have a ritual at the start. I always warm up in a similar way and them run the race a couple of times in my mind. Right before I dive from the start house, I bump my fists together and wish myself luck.

Did you always know you would be a professional skier? What makes you carry on? And what bothers you the most?
I started skiing because I enjoy it, the professional aspect was very unexpected. But I’m very glad that it happened, I enjoy it very much! The love of the sport is also what makes me carry on with skiing. And of course all the feelings you experience as an athlete only if you compete. What I don’t like are the cold and uncomfortable skiing shoes.

What about fans? Do you have a fan group? Do you even notice cheering when you are speeding down the white slopes?
I have very loyal supporters from my home skiing club and many friends who often come to cheer me on. I never notice the cheering, but I feel it. They are what makes me race down the hill even faster.

You are not only a skier, but also a student. When do you find the time for studying?
In winter, studying takes a back-burner for me. I make time for it in spring, when the skiing season calms down. That is when I try to take as many of the missed exams and practical lessons as possible. 

How do you combine skiing with family and friends?
When I am home, I try to spend as much time as possible with my boyfriend, family and friends. I am often sad that I can’t spend more time with them. What makes it easier is that they all support me and understand that I have a crazy schedule. 

Do you have free time and holidays? How do you spend them?
The time for holidays comes when the season ends. This is when I run away with my boyfriend for a couple of days. I start planning the holidays well in advance, so that I can look forward to them for some time.

Who is Ana when she is not a skier?
I am a girl with a lot of energy. I smile most of the time... I love spending time with my friends and I always have plans. I try to enjoy everything I do.

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