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Winners - DareToDream

Dream! When we dream, the world looks nicer. But make sure you also live your dreams. Those who dare can achieve anything! Enter the 360-degree video #DareToDream and let Lisca take you to a magical virtual land, with or without VR glasses. Experience the magic and come face to face with courage, boldness and passion.

Between 1st and 22nd December 2016, participate in the#DareToDream Giveaway with Lisca and 
win one of our attractive prizes:

-   3 weekly giveaways – 5 x Lisca or Cheek by Lisca lingerie set,
-   Main prize – 1 x LISCA gift certificate for 500 EUR.

The main prize will be given on Friday, December 23, 2016. 

Congratulations to our first week winners: 
1. Irena Grabnar, Slovenia
2. Adila Hasanbedovič, Bosnia and Herzegovina
3. Kerstin Baramsky, Germany
4. Ana Chadikovska - Mazneva, Macedonia
5. Jadranka Benčak, Croatia

Congratulations to our second week winners: 
1. Snežana Kostić, Serbia
2. Marija Vukušić, Croatia
3. Zinajda Midžić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
4. Natalija Strmšek, Slovenia
5. Lucie Krčmáriková, Czech Republic

Congratulations to our third week winners: 
1. Danja Werneke, Germany
2. Sonja Isakov, Serbia
3. Josip Krajina, Croatia
4. Tara O'Connor, United Kingdom
5. Katiuscia Pirula, Italy

Miroslava Bogdanović, Serbia