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»Denise« Morning Gown

»Denise« Morning Gown

»Denise« Morning Gown


Sleep program made of soft flowy natural wortex modal knitwear is comfortable, and at the same time very elegant. The same goes for the sophisticated robe any representative of the gentler sex shouldn't miss. The robe is as made for the fresh mornings and cold evenings. So you don't get cold, there are long sleeves with fairy-tale-like lace at the sleeves end. Soft flowy material will ensure a comfortable wear and the second skin feel. The robe can be worn over underwear, nightdress, as well as pyjama.

-     morning robe
-     belt for tying
-     soft and comfortable material for the pleasant second skin feel
-     discreet "V" detail on the front
-     lacy endings on the sleeves 

Modal: 93% Polyamide: 1% Elastane: 6%
- Note care instructions on the label attached.