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»Electra« Pyjamas with Leggings

»Electra« Pyjamas with Leggings

»Electra« Pyjamas with Leggings


Comfortable and light pyjamas for every day. Its youthful cut downplays the strictness of the triangular print design on the bottoms. The bottoms have a printed design, while the tunic is one-coloured with a few details. The leggings are tight and warm, while the tunic is slightly longer.

-     pyjamas with leggings and a tunic
-     youthful and casual cut
-     a combination of modern graphic print with one-coloured material
-     comfortable elastic modal mesh
-     printed hem detail in the front and a decorative pocket
-     long and comfortable leggings

Cotton: 48% Modal: 47% Elastane: 5%
- Note care instructions on the label attached.