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»Royal Wish« Pyjamas with Tunic

»Royal Wish« Pyjamas with Tunic

»Royal Wish« Pyjamas with Tunic


Elegant and classy nightwear line. These pyjamas with long tight leggings and a longer, slightly loose tunic made from soft viscose are comfortable and feminine. Decorative inserts, velvety hems, and an embroidered insert in the cleavage provide a romantic look. Glamour for the practical.  

-     comfortable pyjamas with tunic and tight leggings
-     longer top of an interesting cut
-     soft and loose embroidery
-     decorative inserts and velvety hems
-     embroidered inserts on the cleavage

Viscose: 79% Polyester: 15% Elastane: 6%
- Note care instructions on the label attached.