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»Timeless« Nightdress

»Timeless« Nightdress

»Timeless« Nightdress


Attention, all fashion trendsetters: ideal clothes for romantic and hot summer nights! The neck cut (for more beautiful cleavage!) and the bottom edge are decorated with the frills on this extremely adorable single-colour nightdress. The cut gradually widens towards the bottom, giving this nightdress a youthful and playful look. These clothes lightly and gently clamp the body and accentuate the lines of a woman's body. The straps can be adjusted to the desired length, which is why this piece is really comfortable and ideally fits the body.

-     short nightdress
-     thin straps
-     cleavage and the bottom edge are decorated with a draped frill
-     length of the straps are adjustable as desired
-     seductive cotton model

Cotton: 95% Elastane: 5%
- Note care instructions on the label attached.