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»Timeless« Pyjama top and bottoms

»Timeless« Pyjama top and bottoms

»Timeless« Pyjama top and bottoms


Pyjama top of an adorable set with short sleeves is single-coloured, while the long bottoms are striped. The top is decorated on the front with ornamental frills which add a feminine and romantic touch to the pyjama set. The frills intertwine on the front in an extremely interesting way, which further accentuates the attractiveness of this clothing. The pyjama set is made from a natural material – cotton (with addition of elastane), which drapes softly and clamps the body gently. The neck cut ends in a narrow border, while the bottoms can be lightly and simply tied with a string around the waist.

-     modern pyjama set with short sleeves
-     interesting detail of intertwining draped frills
-     neck cut ends in a narrow border
-     simple cut bottoms with a pattern of grey stripes
-     wide elastic around the waist with a tying string
-     comfort of cotton

Cotton: 95% Elastane: 5%
- Note care instructions on the label attached.