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»Gran Canaria« Beach Towel

»Gran Canaria« Beach Towel

»Gran Canaria« Beach Towel


A towel is an essential beach accessory. You can use this large, 90 x 160 cm, cotton towel to gently dry off after swimming or to lie on.
The comfortable and practical towel also makes a useful gift. The bright colour is perfect for women and fashion-forward men.

-      Large cotton towel, 90 x 160 cm,
-      For a completed beach image,
-      Use it to dry off or lie on,
-      Practical colour, suitable also for men.

Cotton: 95% Elastane: 5%
- After use, wash swimwear by hand or at 30 ° C with a detergent for colored or delicate laundry.
- Never fold moist swimwear, always dry them completely. - Keep swimwear in fabric not in plastic bags.
- Do not squeeze bras with foam cups during washing.
- Fats (oil, suntan lotion, sweat) and sun effect on the color intensity and material (Note care instructions) .