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»Jakarta« Turn-up High Waist Bikini Bottoms

»Jakarta« Turn-up High Waist Bikini Bottoms

»Jakarta« Turn-up High Waist Bikini Bottoms


The colourful overflow of blue and red tones will remind you of pleasant seaside moments and pampering by the poolside. These “Jakarta” bikini bottoms have a black fold in the waist that can be turned-up or rolled-down to adjust the waist height to your figure or your current mood.
Select any bikini top from the “Jakarta” swimwear series to create your favourite bikini.

-      Turn-up high-waist bikini bottom,
-      Colour overflow patter with black fold in the waist,
-      The waist fold allows you to adjust waist height,
-      Match the style and colour of “Jakarta” bikini tops.

Polyamide: 80% Elastane: 20%
- After use, wash swimwear by hand or at 30 ° C with a detergent for colored or delicate laundry.
- Never fold moist swimwear, always dry them completely. - Keep swimwear in fabric not in plastic bags.
- Do not squeeze bras with foam cups during washing.
- Fats (oil, suntan lotion, sweat) and sun effect on the color intensity and material (Note care instructions) .