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»Jakarta« Underwired Bikini Top

»Jakarta« Underwired Bikini Top

»Jakarta« Underwired Bikini Top


Do you prefer blue or red colour tones? These colourful bikinis will remind you of joyful seaside moments and fun times at the pool. The comfortable “Jakarta” bikinis will delight everybody, but especially those looking for swimwear in larger sizes. The underwired “Jakarta” bikini top will gently hug and support your breasts up to cup size F. You will love its lightness in combination with the dart in the cup lining and the wide straps that ensure excellent fit and pleasant wear. The bikini top is complemented by the black material that wraps around the outer edges of the cups, optically reducing the size of your breasts. The wide decorative detail on the straps create an elegant look.
Select also any bikini bottoms from the “Jakarta” swimwear series to create your favourite bikini.

-      Light underwired bikini top,
-      Comfort up to F cup size,
-      Lining with in-sewn dart for better fit,
-      Combined with black colour for optical breast-size reduction,
-      Wide straps for more pleasant wear,
-      Decorative detail on the straps for a touch of elegance,
-      Matches the style and colour of “Jakarta” bikini bottoms.

Polyamide: 80% Elastane: 20%
- After use, wash swimwear by hand or at 30 ° C with a detergent for colored or delicate laundry.
- Never fold moist swimwear, always dry them completely. - Keep swimwear in fabric not in plastic bags.
- Do not squeeze bras with foam cups during washing.
- Fats (oil, suntan lotion, sweat) and sun effect on the color intensity and material (Note care instructions) .