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»Eldorado« Bikini Bottoms

»Eldorado« Bikini Bottoms

»Eldorado« Bikini Bottoms


These high-waisted bikini bottoms are made for all the ladies who seek comfort, wish to be relaxed, and do not want to show too much skin. They fit great even on bigger body constitutions. The bikini bottoms are soft, comfortable, functional, and 26 cm tall. This model of bikini bottoms is lined both in the front and in the back, while the wider elastic ensures additional comfort and maximum fit. The beautiful ombre print will ensure that you turn heads. They stylistically match the bikini tops from the »Eldorado« line so you can create your favourite swimwear combination.

-     comfortable bikini bottoms
-     pleasant to wear
-     26 cm tall
-     fast-drying material
-     they stylistically match the bikini tops from the »Eldorado« line
-     available up to size 46

Polyester: 86% Elastane: 14%
- After use, wash swimwear by hand or at 30 ° C with a detergent for colored or delicate laundry.
- Never fold moist swimwear, always dry them completely. - Keep swimwear in fabric not in plastic bags.
- Do not squeeze bras with foam cups during washing.
- Fats (oil, suntan lotion, sweat) and sun effect on the color intensity and material (Note care instructions) .