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»Lagos« Bikini Bottoms

»Lagos« Bikini Bottoms

»Lagos« Bikini Bottoms


These bikini bottoms from the »Lagos« line are made from a single-coloured material on the waist, while an elegant two-coloured pattern embellishes them below the waist. They will please even the most demanding ladies who expect their swimsuits to look elegant. Exceptionally comfortable to wear, the material ensures an ideal fit for women's curves. These bikini bottoms are soft to the touch, shape the body nicely, and enable complete freedom of movement. They are resistant to chlorine, creams, and oils. They stylistically match bikini tops from the »Lagos« line.

-     comfortable bikini bottoms
-     optimal fit
-     complete freedom of movement
-     24 cm tall
-     available up to size 46
-     they stylistically match bikini tops from the »Lagos« line 

Polyamide: 83% Elastane: 17%
- After use, wash swimwear by hand or at 30 ° C with a detergent for colored or delicate laundry.
- Never fold moist swimwear, always dry them completely. - Keep swimwear in fabric not in plastic bags.
- Do not squeeze bras with foam cups during washing.
- Fats (oil, suntan lotion, sweat) and sun effect on the color intensity and material (Note care instructions) .