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Women’s lingerie is the most intimate part of women's clothing, so make it consistent with your personality! Not only is it something we wear every day, but it also affects our mood – as every woman wants to feel beautiful! When it comes to that, nothing does the trick quite like perfectly fitting lingerie that looks fantastic on you. You can choose lingerie that will make you feel comfortable during the working day, sports lingerie for when you are active, or sexy lingerie for a romantic evening with your partner… the right choice can do wonders as you can look great in an instant and feel that way as well!


1. Ask yourself what you need and what you want.

If you are just discovering the world of lingerie, start with a few sets and lace pieces in neutral colors, such as white, black or skin colored ones. No matter what clothes you wear over it, lingerie is the foundation when it comes to you looking good. An average woman has 8 bras and 34 panties in her wardrobe. In order for you to be able to meet your everyday needs, we recommend at least 3 bras (2 white or skin colored ones and one black one) and 10 panties.

And if you already have some basic pieces in your closet, you can experiment a bit. Treat yourself to some sexy red lingerie, a see-through bra, or surprise your significant other with a garter. You won't wear such lingerie every day, but you will be more than happy to have those pieces for some special occasions.

2. Comfort and your clothing style

Invest in some modern pieces that will make you feel comfortable, as well as match your clothing style. If you are buying lingerie to surprise your partner, a very important thing is also that you feel good in it. You can truly enchant others only if your underwear is really comfortable and if it reflects your personality.

3. Lingerie according to body shape.

Wider thighs:

If the upper part (your shoulders and chest) of your body is narrow, and the lower part (your thighs and behind) is wider, choose lingerie and clothing that is a bit more revealing in the upper part. We recommend that you turn an elegant women's body into a shirt or choose a striking graphic pattern that will draw attention to the upper part of your body. You can also choose underwear that shapes the female silhouette and is comfortably tight over your thighs and hips.


If you measured your chest and hips, you would find that they are proportional. The waist, on the other hand, is narrow, as well as the most accentuated part visually. The ideal choice for the hourglass body shape is everything that will accentuate the waist. You can choose functional lingerie, you can opt for an lingerie set with a halter top and stocking suspenders, or you can wear high briefs or a body to accentuate your waist.

Smaller breasts:

Small breasts do not need much support, so almost any modern top can be worn as a tight, short undershirt. If a strapless bra does not stay in place, we recommend bralette and triangular bras. They will stay in place, they look feminine and are visually perfect.

Bigger breasts:

If you have bigger breasts, choose a bra that will provide you with good support and frame your cleavage nicely, as well as panties in your size. Choose functional pieces from the same collection and combine a unique set.

Tip: if you want to visually reduce your breasts, choose a minimizer.

Shorter torso:

If your upper body is short relative to your legs, avoid high-waisted panties because your legs will appear even longer, and the torso will appear shorter. Choose lower panties in order to visually lengthen the area around the abdomen. Low panties also require low lingerie that won’t stick out.

Shorter legs:

If you have shorter legs and a longer torso, you can visually lengthen your legs by choosing high leg or high-waisted panties. We would also recommend a short top, which will visually shorten your torso.

4. For what occasion are you buying lingerie?

In addition to having clothes for different occasions, it is also good to have lingerie for different occasions. Cute lingerie made of natural materials is perfect for a comfortable night in on nights when you just want to relax at home – and you will still look great in it.

Invest in a few nice lingerie sets you will wear on a daily basis, in neutral colors that match almost all of your clothes.

If there is a special occasion ahead, for example Valentine’s Day or a weekend getaway with your partner, we recommend you choose something they will see for the first time or they rarely see on you – something sexy and sensual. Although black will look divine on you, don’t be afraid to experiment with new models and colors as well.

5. Seasonal lingerie collection

The change of seasons requires a change of lingerie as well. Cold winter months are the right time to wear bodies and undershirts as they will keep you warm. Choose a feminine body with foam cups, combine 3 pieces of lingerie (a bra, an undershirt and panties) into one, or wear a lace trimmed undershirt – the possibilities are limitless!

Slightly thicker stockings are also perfect for cold days (30 denier or more) as they are warmer than classic pantyhose. Even something as basic as stockings can look magnificent on you if you choose them with a waist band with lace.

Summertime requires lighter, breathable clothing, and the same rule applies to lingerie as well. Cotton, lace and mesh materials are great to beat the heat. As summer is the time when we show off our nice T-shirts, tunics and dresses, we have to make sure that we have nice lingerie underneath, as a part of it will surely be visible (our straps, band on the back or bra). Be modern and show your personality! What is it that defines you: bras with geometric or floral patterns? Lace or transparent inserts? What do feel REALLY good in? Maybe in panties that show more of you behind? Or maybe in those that cover it completely? Are you a fan of sexy tops? Put them on and be yourself!

Don’t be afraid to also try out vivid, vibrant colors! Summer is fun, so why wouldn’t your lingerie be fun as well?


A: Measure the underbust circumference and determine your size (65, 70, 75, 80, 85…)

The sizes match the circumference ± 2 cm. If you measure 78 – 82 cm under your breasts, the size that will most likely suit you is 80.

B: Measure your chest circumference and determine your cup size (A, B, C, D, E…)

Then, compare the size with the previously measured underbust circumference. If you measure 80 cm under your breasts, and your chest circumference is 100 cm, the cup size that will most likely suit you is D. Thus, your bra size is 80 D.

If your chest circumference is:

larger than your underbust circumference by 12 – 14 cm, the cup size that will most likely suit you is A,

larger by 14 – 16 cm, the cup size is most likely B,

larger by 16 – 18 cm, the cup size is most likely C,

larger by 18 – 20 cm, the cup size is most likely D,

larger by 20 – 22 cm, the cup size is most likely E,

larger by 22 – 24 cm, the cup size is most likely F.

C: Measure your hips and determine your size

If your hip circumference is 96 cm, the size that will most likely suit you is 38.

If your hip circumference is:

84 – 88 cm, the size that will most likely suit you is (34),

89 – 93 cm (36),

94 – 98 cm (38),

99 – 103 cm (40),

104 – 108 cm (42),

109 – 113 cm (44),

114 – 118 cm (46),

119 – 123 cm (48),

124 – 128 cm (50),

129 – 133 cm (52).


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