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A robe is a comfortable, open dress to be tied at the waist with a belt. It is worn over pajamas or over a nightdress before going to bed or after getting up. Sometimes, it can even be worn over everyday clothes, and it is intended to be worn around the house.

You can wear it to keep warm or as comfortable clothing when you’re not in bed, and even instead of underwear. You actually don’t really need anything underneath because the robe keeps you warm and covers your intimate areas.

If you get a surprise visit, and you’re in your pajamas, you can quickly put on a robe and you’re safe from an awkward situation.


1. A robe is an ideal piece of clothing - simply tuck your arms into the sleeves, pull the robe over your shoulders and tie it around your waist - and you’re all dressed up!

2. It is an ideal piece of clothing for when you are cold. Just put it on and it will warm you up immediately!

3. It hides your intimate parts and covers you up when you run from the bathroom to your bedroom.

4. It is comfortable and sexy at the same time, especially if you are not wearing anything underneath.

5. It matches everything, no matter what you have on underneath.

6. It does not matter at all if maybe you’re an expectant mom with a growing tummy or you’ve just treated yourself to a big meal and your stomach hurts a little. No matter what, the robe will gently cover your body and adjust to it.

7. It will always fit you well. Even if you’ve lost a few pounds or you’ve gained some, your robe will always be just right for you.

8. There is no need to wear pants or lingerie underneath.

9. You feel like you are a guest of a luxury hotel in your own home. Just put on your soft slippers and go have breakfast!

10. You don’t have to put on any clothes all day. Technically, a robe is a dress. True, it is open, but it is still a dress!

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