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A bra is a piece of lingerie designed primarily to support and cover the breasts. However, bras are also designed for various other purposes – for visually enlarging or reducing your breasts, creating an enviable cleavage, giving the impression that you are not wearing anything under your dress or providing relief from neck and back strain… and, of course, breastfeeding bras are designed to help you breastfeed more easily.

There are many types of bras, but it is up to you to choose the one that will suit you best. Will you opt for a wired bra or a wireless one, sewn or foam cups, lace or a classic look, natural materials… Or do you need a sexy bra for a romantic getaway with your partner?

The decision is up to you.


If your bra is too big, too small or just doesn’t fit you, it will feel uncomfortable. Follow the tips below and choose the ideal bra for yourself, regardless of your size.


Your bra size can change over time, so it is worth checking if anything has changed since your last measurement. Breast size can be affected by changes in weight, as well as by pregnancy and breastfeeding. Using a measuring tape, measure these two areas: your chest circumference (A) and your underbust circumference (B).

You can also ask a shop assistant for help to perform the measurement accurately.


That way, you will immediately be able to check how the bra looks under thin clothes.


Put the bra on and gently adjust your breasts. Check if the support is right for you and if the breasts fit nicely into the cups. Adjust the straps as needed and look in the mirror to see how the back fits.

The fastening band should not cut into the back crease. If the bra it right for you, it should not be fastened tightly. The breasts should nicely fit into the cups, and the fastening band should not be too tight.

While you are wearing the bra, swing your arms up and down, as well as left and right. Bend slightly forward and keep your arms relaxed next to your body.

Then slowly straighten up. Have your bra and breasts remained in place? Yes? Great, you chose the right bra!


The following details are very important when buying underwear:

  • Your breasts should not spill out of the cups (when the cups are too small).
  • There should be no excess space in the bra (when the cups are too big).
  • The cups should not crease, the cleavage should not be cut into or squeezed tight.
  • The shoulder straps and fastening bands should not cut into the skin on your back. Likewise, the straps should not slide down and the fastening band should not ride up on your back.
  • It is recommended to fasten the bra on the second or third clasp. If you can only fasten it on the last clasp, the bra might be too small for you.
  • The front part of the bra - the middle between the cups - should fit perfectly against the skin.


How often do you change your bra? Compare it to clothes, such as a T-shirt. How many times a week do you change it? During the summer, you probably do it every day, and in the winter, you may wear it for a couple more days. You should do the same with your bra.

An average woman has 8 bras in her wardrobe. We recommend you to have at least 3. An average bra can last several years if you take good care of it. It might be good to invest in 2 or 3 styles so you can have enough choices in the coming months.

In order to make your lingerie last and look beautiful for a long time, follow the instructions on the in-sewn label.

Basic tips for bra maintenance:

  • Lingerie, especially lingerie with a wire, should generally be hand-washed. This includes rubbing the bra gently, paying attention to the area under the cups.
  • For models with foam cups, it is important not to crease, bend or squeeze them too much, as this will deform their shape. It is also important that the washing machine is not full when you're washing them, as they can get crumpled by the weight of other materials. Use a wash bag and wash the lingerie at temperatures up to 30°C, with clothes in similar colors. If you are washing several bras at once, stack them on top of each other.
  • After washing your bra, make sure the cups are set to their original shape before hanging it to dry. It is best to air-dry it and not directly expose it to the sun.


  • Wired: an elastic wire is sewn into the cups under the breasts, shaped in a way that supports the breasts.
  • Wireless: The bra has foam cups that guarantee your nipples will not be visible through clothing. They also provide the breasts with a nice shape and good support, and create a nice cleavage.
  • With foam cups: The bra has foam cups that guarantee your nipples will not be visible through clothing. They also provide the breasts with a nice shape and good support, and create a nice cleavage.
  • Push up: bra with heavily padded cups, of different shapes, wired or wireless, suitable for smaller breasts as it visually enlarges them and creates a beautiful cleavage.
  • Balconette: a great bra choice for when you want to wear low cut clothing; as it often has removable straps, it is also suitable for wearing under strapless or off-shoulder clothes, when you don’t want the straps to be visible.
  • Bralettes: a simpler and softer version of a wireless bra. Cups are triangle-shaped. It is suitable primarily for women with smaller breasts who do not need much support and like to look modern but be comfortable at the same time.
  • Triangle: a light bra with triangle-shaped cups, usually wireless. It is suitable for smaller breasts.
  • High neck: a modern bra that reaches right under the neck. You can wear it as a top or a shorter undershirt.
  • Body: bra, undershirt and panties in one. A body is made of a lighter, more flexible material and is generally fastened between the legs.
  • Body liner: a body shaping lingerie model, made of firmer materials to tighten and shape the body, especially suitable for wearing under tight-fitting clothing as it smoothens folds.
  • Bustier/torsolette: a bra that extends under the chest with modern, functional details and reaches a few centimeters lower or even the belly button. When a bustier is connected to a halter, it is called a torsolette. It usually reaches the middle of the hips and has sewn-on stocking suspenders on its bottom part, which can be removed.
  • Minimizer: a bra designed to visually reduce the breasts and make your outerwear look smoother. .
  • Sports bra: for those who like spending their free time actively. It provides the chest with the necessary support during sports activities, and it is made of "quick dry" material, which absorbs moisture well during activities and dries quickly.
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