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Pajamas are definitely the most popular sleepwear. They differ in terms of cuts and materials of which they are made: cotton, modal, viscose, silk, cashmere, etc.

Pajamas are sleepwear which consists of two parts: a top and a bottom. We recommend long trousers and a top with long sleeves for colder days, and shorts and a sleeveless or short-sleeved top for warmer days. With the right waist height, pajamas will gently cover your hips and provide you with a relaxed feeling as your trousers will stay in place and will not come down.

You are also free to wear them as an everyday outfit if you decide to have a "pajama day"! Those days are meant for relaxation and lying around, and comfortable pajamas will also lift up your mood!


  • Do you like when the trouser-legs are narrow or do you prefer comfortable trouser-legs instead?
  • Is the elastic in the waist area too tight for you or is it maybe too loose? If you do not feel completely comfortable, choose a smaller or larger size.
  • What material would you like? If you feel good in natural materials, choose cotton or modal pajamas. Or do you maybe prefer sexy viscose pajamas?
  • What top and bottom length do you prefer? Short or long sleeves? Among our models, you can choose short or long trouser-legs, as well as some other modern lengths.
  • What color would you like to wear? Colors affect your mood, and some will definitely suit you better depending on your skin tone.
  • What size should you choose? When buying online, pay attention to your size, which can be checked in the size chart. If you find yourself between two sizes, we recommend the larger one - that way your sleeves and trouser-legs will be long enough.
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