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Lingerie is a type of clothing worn under outerwear, mostly in direct contact with the skin. Have you ever wondered about the purpose of panties? In addition to offering a number of different cuts that complement your figure, they have several other purposes as well:

  • they keep your intimate areas dry and protect them from external influences,
  • they provide comfort by protecting your intimate parts from chafing on your outerwear,
  • they ensure that your intimate parts are not visible when, for example, you wear a short skirt on a windy day,
  • they absorb liquid and keep moisture from penetrating the outerwear,
  • they are softer than outerwear and easier to change and keep clean,
  • they are sexy and make you feel confident when wearing them,
  • you can use them to spice up your evening with your partner.

Various studies show that women usually wear white panties, followed by black and neutral colors (skin color, beige).

An average woman has 34 panties in her wardrobe, and they are usually divided into two groups: the comfortable (usually cotton) ones and special, sexy ones. For your everyday needs, we recommend a minimum of 10 panties.


When choosing panties, your build should be taken into account so that you can choose the right size and the right model. First of all, pay attention to the elasticity of the leg opening. It should not be too tight or too loose. It is better to try on panties over your own lingerie.

Choose your panties according to your clothing size (36, 38, 10, 42, 44, S, M, L, XL…) as the circumference of the hips is important. Measure it horizontally over the widest part of your behind to determine your size.

Clothing size according to hip circumference:

34 (S) = 84 – 88 cm

36 (S) = 89 – 93 cm

38 (M) = 94 – 98 cm

40 (M) = 99 – 103 cm

42 (L) = 104 – 108 cm

44 (L) = 109 – 113 cm

46 (XL) = 114 – 118 cm

48 (XL) = 119 – 123 cm

50 (2XL) = 124 – 128 cm

52 (2XL) = 129 – 133 cm

You can also ask a shop assistant for help to perform the measurement accurately.


Briefs: the back of the classic briefs cut covers the entire behind.

Brazilian briefs: the back covers the upper half of the behind and accentuates it nicely. As the cut of the Brazilian briefs reaches higher than the briefs with a classic cut, the seams of the briefs are not visible under tight clothing.

Thongs: they do not cover the behind; narrow side parts join together to form a string in the back.

Hipster briefs: they cover ¾ of the behind and have a wider side part. They have no elastic in the leg opening, and they are low-rise.

Bikini briefs: they cover the entire behind, and a narrow side band connects the front and the back part.

Italian briefs: they cover the behind diagonally and have a narrow side part. The front and back have a triangular shape and are almost equal in width.

High waisted panties: the upper part approximately reaches the belly button. They visually create a nicer and smoother body shape.

High leg briefs: the side part is higher than the front and the back part. The side part is thus raised higher on the hips. The back covers most of the behind, leaving only a small part of it exposed.

French panties: they are made of lace; their front, back and sides have the same height.

Body shaping panties: they are designed to nicely tighten the body and visually reshape it.

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