About us

It all started with a dream. About women. About comfort. About feeling beautiful. About lingerie.

Lisca's story began in 1955 when enthusiastic dreams turned into reality. With hard work, advanced ideas, love of fashion, and passion for beauty, Lisca became one of the leading manufacturers of lingerie and swimwear in Southeast Europe.

European design, unique creations, perfect fit, quality, and comfort are only some of the reasons why, today, women are pleased to return to Lisca stores in more than 40 countries..




1955: The beginning

In a small craft workshop, a team of five associates first made ties and repaired socks. But they quickly came to the realization that bras were rare and highly sought after. They researched the market; the rest was accomplished through imagination and dexterity. In those days the bras were made of damask and brocade and were much more cumbersome than today. Lisca was made famous by the Majda bra, which made it recognizable throughout Yugoslavia.

1964: Entering foreign markets

Demand for lingerie was increasing. Sometimes it was difficult to meet market needs. The company was expanding and special education for seamstresses and tailors was organized. In 1964, Lisca successfully penetrated the German market and shortly thereafter began selling in other European countries, Africa, the USA, and the Arabian Peninsula.

1969: Swimwear

By the end of the 1960s, people increasingly took vacations, so Lisca launched a swimwear collection. They used the knowledge and experience gained in the design of lingerie when creating those modern styles. The collection was not only comfortable but also modern and interesting for both domestic and foreign customers.

1970: The first push-up bra

Lisca introduced a push up bra for the first time in the early 1970s. The Manuela bra fastened in the front and was one of the bestselling styles until the 90's. Its ambassador was Miss Europe 1969, Saša Zajc.

1974: New production and storage facilities

The 1970s was a period of great investment. New production and storage facilities were completed. At that time, their most modern rack warehouse was the largest in Eastern Europe. One of the first business computers in that part of Europe was put to use. Lisca thus became a local technological hub.

1978: Revolution in lightness

In the late 1970s, another revolution took place – Lisca introduced bras with moulded cups, which was a major technological novelty at the time. Lingerie became lighter, cups became seamless and unnoticeable under thin outerwear. One of the recognizable faces for Lisca campaigns was famous Slovenian model Nina Gazibara. The bra in the picture was also a hit in the Soviet Union.

1983: Outerwear

In 1983, Lisca completed its offer with a collection of women's blouses and shirts known to consumers under the name Foxy. These fashion creations were presented at various trade shows in the former Yugoslavia, as well as in Düsseldorf and Lyon. Lisca's designers received numerous international awards.

Due to the need for greater independence in the procurement of quality materials, Inplet – Lisca’s own fabric production company – was established in 1983.

1988: Swimwear – bold and in colour

When it came to swimwear, women could afford to become more daring: strong colours and playful patterns prevailed, including bold styles. One of the innovations in swimwear was seamless briefs. In the 80's, the fashion world was stirred up by the arrival of thongs: they completely exposed the buttocks and overthrew many social prejudices. Lisca first introduced them to the German market.

1995: The umbrella brand Lisca

In the 1990s, Lisca began collaborating with a number of renowned foreign fashion brands, designing and creating lingerie and swimwear. But they started channelling more and more energy into establishing their own brand. Thus in 1995 Lisca different lines appeared under a unique umbrella brand and with an entirely newly formed graphic identity.

2002: Cheek by Lisca

Lisca established itself in Europe as an elegant and feminine brand. During this period, it also included youthful and playful models into their collections under the Cheek by Lisca brand name. An important part of the collection became the sexy and extravagant lingerie today known as the Lisca Selection line.

2008: Lisca e-shop

The new millennium changed the way we communicate. We are looking for information on the Internet more frequently; it is also a place where we decide to buy. In 2008, Lisca's products became available for purchase in their own e-shop.

2010: Retail network expansion

Points of sale are a mirror of the brand. Therefore, Lisca started to strategically focus on the intensive expansion of their sales network across Europe. The shops are equipped in accordance with Lisca's merchandising standards and provid the most comfortable shopping experience for women. There are more than 130 stores with the Lisca logo, and Lisca's products are also present in numerous specialized lingerie stores.

2012: Lisca Men – men's underwear for the first time

Lisca is primarily known as a brand for women. But it is also known that it is women who usually buy underwear for men. By including the Lisca Men new men's underwear line in the collection, we could now choose comfortable intimate clothing for both men and women in one place.

2013: Lisca by Ivana Šundov

Lisca started a collaboration with a TV presenter who was known in Slovenia as well as in Croatia for her always refined style – Ivana Šundov. She accepted the challenge of designing outerwear; the result of her experience, numerous conversations, and reflections was the Lisca by Ivana Šundov collection, which could be worn by any woman. It was composed of those pieces that had to be in all of our wardrobes.

2015: 60th Anniversary Gala Fashion Show

Lisca has always created fashion spectacles that are been talked about long afterwards and heralded as the fashion events of the year. And for 60 years Lisca prepared a gala fashion event in Portorož, which brought together both business partners from abroad and local celebrity crème de la crème. The spectacle delighted with original creations; exclusively for this occasion, the unique, glamorous, and lavish Lisca Prestige lingerie line was designed.

2018: ProudToBeMe and a positive attitude about yourself

Lisca was increasingly involved in women fostering positive attitudes about themselves. Through the »Proud to be me« campaign they let us know that we are beautiful just as we are and that appearance is not the only thing that characterizes us. Women of different bodyshapes and sizes helped to spread this socially responsible movement at fashion events in the centres of Ljubljana, Milan, Skopje, and Belgrade.

2019: To Cannes for the »Creative Excellence Award 2019«

As part of the international event at the Mare di Moda trade show, Lisca received the prestigious »CREATIVE EXCELLENCE AWARD 2019«. Every year, the organizers of this trade show award the brands that stand out with their outstanding creativity, development, innovation, and quality.

Lisca was chosen as an example of a company that blends tradition with modernity, paying close attention to the choice of materials, while also dynamically adapting to changes in the market. With the #ProudToBeMe campaign, Lisca also launched the important inclusive message encouraging women to have positive attitudes about themselves and reminding them of the power of femininity.

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