How can I place an order?

Did you find your favourite product? Great. On the product page, you first need to select (and click on) the COLOR, then SIZE and finally NUMBER of pieces you want to buy. The purchase process is as follows:

  1. Click Add to Cart
  2. A window in which you can select "Add to cart" will open.
  3. The Cart window opens.
  4. Check the information and products in the Cart. Here you can also enter the bonus code (if you have it or it is listed in the action as a requirement to receive a discount). You can also estimate the cost of delivery by entering the zip code.
  5. Click CONTINUE to Checkout.
  6. The Checkout window opens.

This is the last step of the purchase, and you only need to enter your information in the provided text boxes at the Checkout. If you have already registered, this process will be much faster, but if you are buying for the first time, we advise you to register for an easier next purchase and also for following your purchases in your profile section. (The registration procedure is described below). For registration, simply click CREATE ACCOUNT and enter the same fictitious password twice. This password will be your password for accessing your Lisca profile.

Required information:


In case you want items delivered to an address different than the address in the essential information, check off USE THE SAME ADDRESS FOR DELIVERY and enter the information required.

We require your phone number because the courier can also call you to agree with you on the exact delivery time. Carefully enter the email address to which you wish to receive your order confirmation.


In case you want to send the order as a gift, you can click on the option to send the order without an invoice. In that case, we shall not attach the invoice directly to the shipment, instead we will send it to you via post as a separate shipment.


You can pay for the order with credit cards or via Paypal.

Review the order again (carefully check your email address). You can write a message or ask a question at the end of the ordering procesure. In case you forgot to enter the bonus code in the Cart step, you can still enter it at the Checkout (in the COUPON CODE section).


Complete the order by clicking I ACCEPT THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS and then SUBMIT ORDER.


Thank you for your purchase!

How do I register and what does it mean?

The registration process is simple, secure and useful for every internet consumer. Registration is recommended, because the purchase process is faster since it is not necessary to enter all the information with each purchase. Also, you can enter several delivery addresses, and in addition, you have control over all your orders in one place.

You can register in 2 ways.

1. Independent registration
In the upper right corner of the website, click LOGIN. Since you are not registered yet, follow the form on the left side of the screen. Click CREATE ACCOUNT. Enter the essential information and finally click SEND. We will send an email confirmation of registration to your address. Make sure to check that the information is correct.

2. Login when placing an order
The procedure is described in the previous step (how to place an order?)

How will I know that the order has been placed?

When the order is submitted correctly, a thank you message is first displayed on the screen. More than that, it is important that you receive a confirmation of the placed order to your email address. You should receive the first message within a few minutes: delivery confirmation, but this is not yet a confirmation from Lisca that all products are available. After reviewing your submitted order, you will receive another email informing you that the order has been processed and is available. In the third e-mail, we already inform you that it has gone on its way? If you did not receive the first message, write to shop@lisca.si or call us on 07 81 64 276 (every weekday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) If you are a registered user (see the tab How do I register and what does that mean?) you can follow the status of your order by entering your profile (Login in the upper right corner of the website).

Can I pay when I pick up the shipment?

You can pay when you pick up the shipment, if you ticked the option "on collection" when selecting payment when placing the order. This means that the process of order confirmation and delivery is the same as when placing an order with payment, but you must pay the full purchase price to the delivery person when you pick up the shipment.

Is paying with a paypal account safe?

Payment with a Paypal account is protected by the Seller Protection Program. Paypal is a globally recognized, recognized and used online payment program. You can decide to create a PayPal account, which makes it easier for you to pay in all online stores that use it. Payment can only be made by logging into your account and confirming the one-time code. In the created account, you can also track your purchases and manage your online management. More information about PayPal account and payment can be found by clicking here.

What is the standard delivery delivery time?

As a part of standard delivery, orders are delivered within 4-10 business days. We always try to prepare shipments and deliver the products as soon as possible. However, the delivery time is extended in case there are some ambiguities regarding the order and if mutual communication with the customer is required. In this case, the customer shall also be notified via email or a phone call.

Do you ship by express mail?

We do not offer express delivery options. 

What do I do if my package is not delivered?

If you should have received the package but the delivery has not yet been made, you can inform us about this ast shop@lisca.si. Please include the Name and Surname of the person who placed the order, the date of the order, and if possible, you can also forward the confirmation of placing the order that you received to the email address. We will check the delivery issue and let you know as soon as possible. Sometimes it is necessary to contact the courier service and wait for their response, so in such rare cases we ask for your patience.

Product return
Can I return an online order?

You can return an online order in any case, you don't need a special reason for this, and your information about why you returned the order helps us to understand and improve the service. More detailed information about returns can be found here.

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

You can subscribe to the newsletter in the form at the bottom of most pages on the Lisca website. To subscribe to the newsletter, you must enter your email address and click the Subscribe button. You can also subscribe on the Checkout subpage when placing an order, where you also can confirm the possibility of subscribing to the electronic newsletter.

What are the benefits of subscribing to our newsletter?

When you first subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive a bonus code in the amount of EUR 5.00; which you can use for your next purchase in our online shop. After registration, you will receive useful information, advice and all the news about the company to your email address. By subscribing to the newsletter, you will be up to date with all the benefits and promotions that you can use in the online shop or in our Lisca stores.

Can I unsubscribe from online news?

You can unsubscribe at any time, registration is free and without any obligations. Unsubscribing is simple: at the bottom of the e-mail you receive, just click SUBSCRIBE. You will receive one last email from Lisca confirming that you have been unsubscribed from the newsletter. To unsubscribe, you can also contact us by phone or send us an email to shop@lisca.si.

How to maintain laundry?

Click here.

How to maintain a swimsuit?

Click here.

How to increase cleavage or make it even more seductive?

To emphasize the cleavage, we use silicone inserts, which can be purchased separately. Soft transparent pads are inserted into the bra cup to support the breasts. They are available in one universal size. Even if the pad is damaged or cut, there is no risk of spillage because the contents of the insert are not liquid.

How to choose underwear for different occasions?

How much laundry a woman needs depends on her habits, needs, wishes and financial possibilities. Despite the fact that there are differences between women, it is estimated that each woman should have at least five basic bras and ten basic panties for everyday use, and should also have a few corsets/bodysuits or tank tops. More and more women also have a fashionable set of underwear for special occasions.

For every day
For everyday use, the most suitable underwear is the one in which a woman feels most comfortable (made of cotton, modal, micro material).
We recommend: Set of bra and panties, bodysuit, corset.

For seductive moments
Lace lingerie and lingerie made of micro materials in different colors is a reflection of true femininity.
We recommend: Push up bra, bra with gel pads, string panties and corset (body).

For special occasions
The underwear is distinctly beautiful and made of trendy materials. It should be coordinated with outerwear, it should emphasize the beauty of the woman who wears it and give her confidence. Regardless of the occasion, the model must provide the appropriate functionality according to the figure.
We recommend: Corsage, bustier, corset, bra with removable straps.

Shapewear is functional underwear that shapes the figure and is made of firmer materials to shape (compress) the body. This type of underwear is especially suitable for under very tight clothing to hide the contours
We recommend: Functional bra, corset, mider panties (in three designs - short, with shorter or with longer panties, and all of them can also have built-in holders for socks).

For nursing mothers
Mothers who are still breastfeeding their children need bras that allow opening the basket on the front part of the bra and are easy to maintain. The bra is made of elastic cotton and lace knit. We recommend: Functional bra with the possibility of opening the basket.

For breast surgery women
This type of bra has the option of inserting breast prostheses, which are made of elastic materials.
We recommend: Functional bra, the bra is made to order.

How to choose underwear according to outerwear?

Transparent/translucent blouse: In this case, underwear is worn that is color coordinated with the blouse or in skin color.

Plunge Neckline Dress: Uses a bra with removable straps, strong bust support and appropriate size bust cups.

Tight-fitting clothing: A bra with the correct cup size, thong, bodysuit or midi panty is worn.

Tight pants: Bikini bottoms, string panties, thong bodysuits, or panties with extended pants.

What is the importance of colors when buying linen?

Until some time ago, underwear was mainly white, black and skin-colored. But new materials, new fashions and a greater awareness of the importance of underware a fashionable garment have also brought more colour, variety and beauty to the laundry drawers. The colors also change significantly in the underwear, and each new collection has - in addition to the still mandatory white and black - also series in distinctly fashionable shades.

A bra in the same color as the outer garment is recommended under thin outerwear. Colors also affect mood. Below are some psychological findings for individual colors.


Color Properties Positive effects
White Pure and innocent It emphasizes tenderness and grace
Black Strong and attractive It emphasizes elegance and beauty
Red Lively and energetic It excites and incites passion
Blue Peaceful and dreamlike It soothes and gives a feeling of freedom
Yellow Warm and playful It cheers up and gives a feeling of vitality
Green Adaptable and relaxed It soothes, relaxes and gives a sense of security
Violet Sublime and luxurious It challenges and seduces
Orange Happy and sensual It stimulates lust
Brown Solid and stable It protects and inspires confidence
Grey Restrained and elegant It gives a feeling of calmness and adaptability
Pastel colors Frivolous and sophisticated They inspire trust and tenderness
How to choose the right size of laundry?

With underwear, more than with all other clothes, it is important that when wearing it, we experience it "like a cast", as if it was made exactly according to our measurements.

Unfortunately, there are many consumers who are dissatisfied with their laundry. They stay with the same bra size almost all their lives (with panties, it is more common to go from number to number), although their body measurements change due to the many changes they experience (pregnancy, weight changes, reduction of muscle tissue, loosening of connective tissue, etc.). changed at least a little over the years.


See the measurement instructions. Use the obtained dimensions to calculate the size and check it in the size chart.

How is Lisca linen designed?

A group of designers collects ideas at specialized fashion fairs, fashion magazines, in professional literature, at symposia, conferences and exhibitions. Once we have selected fashion trends, colors, patterns, basic and auxiliary materials, together with marketers we create a collection concept, or determine how extensive our collection will be. We decide on leading stories from the Lisca Fashion and Lisca Selection and Cheek lines. A similar process of collecting ideas for the swimwear and sleepwear program, which is entirely designed in parallel with the underwear, while the T-shirt and blouse program takes into account the current fashion trends for outerwear. Once the designer has the basic information, she can start creating the entire series. Sketches are drawn by computer, followed by a selection of final models, which ultimately represent the heart of the collection. In the next phase, the creator explains in detail to the modeler how he envisioned the product, and matching them can be half the success. The modeler first makes a basic cut, which is used for the first prototype. According to it, we cut and sew the first model in the sample sewing room, which is then tested on the mannequin and all possible comments and improvements are recorded. Corrections follow, and when we have the complete collection created in this way, we present it to marketers. After their selection, we start producing the models. Designing linen is therefore a team effort, in which more than 10 people participate.

What materials does Lisca use in the production of linen?

Lisca collaborates with the most established and recognized manufacturers of quality knitwear, lace and other materials suitable for wearing directly on the skin in the design of fashion lingerie. As an interesting fact - for an optimal fit, Lisca incorporates 30 or more different materials into one bra model. All materials are previously tested and have appropriate certificates of harmlessness.

For an overview of the most important fibers used to make knitwear or fabrics for both lingerie, swimwear, pajamas and T-shirts and blouses, click here.

What should I do if I can't find the right bra?

When buying bras, we must pay attention to the size and shape of the cups and the circumference of the bra. We must not overlook the possibility of adjusting the braces, which can be used to immediately achieve the desired effect. If you still can't find a suitable bra, we suggest that you take advantage of the free expert consultation that takes place once a month in one of Lisca's stores. A professionally trained consultant measures you and advises you on which bra is suitable for your figure.

The bone in my bra bothers me. What can I do?

Bras without underwire (support) are divided into lighter ones and those with pronounced breast support. The first ones are usually softer, without reinforcement, which do not shape the breasts, but can only lift them up. The basic task of these types of bras is to wear them. We recommend them especially to women who have really nice firm breasts. You can find such a bra in the Natural line, where the emphasis is on natural fibers and the use of cotton. As everyday clothes, they are easy to maintain. If you are a lady in mature years, you have quite a varied offer in the Classic line, where there are mainly bras without support of a lighter character and bras with pronounced support, which means that they are made of stronger materials, and the basket itself is lined with non-elastic materials.

One of the breasts is bigger than the other. what kind of bra should i wear?

Most women have one breast larger than the other, which is especially noticeable when wearing monthly underwear. In such a case, we lengthen the strap of the bra with the basket with a larger breast, which will create a balance with the basket with a smaller breast. For some women, the solution is to put a silicone insert in the basket with smaller breasts, which balances the breasts. But if we just want to cover the asymmetry of the breasts, we opt for a bra with a foam-shaped cup.

What can I do if the back of my bra is pulling up?

In such a case, the breast does not "stand" nicely, so we recommend that you try a smaller volume. For example: for size 90 D, the size of the bra is too big - you need to take the smaller size 85, but not the cup D (because the cup is also smaller with the cup 85D). The E cup is more suitable, because this way we get a bra with the same cup size, only the girth is more suitable and thus stays in place.

The straps are digging into my skin. What can I do?

In larger sizes, the straps are usually wider so that they do not cut into the shoulder. But the best ones are those that are foam padded and hold the weight.

My breasts are bigger and still "soft" on top. What can I do?

For such breasts, foam-shaped cups and double-shaped cups up to G with wider, softly padded straps are most suitable.

When to use clear braces?

Transparent straps or silicone straps are especially suitable for wearing under t-shirts, tops with narrow spaghetti straps, t-shirts with a more open shoulder area, as they blend invisibly with the skin. We can install them on any bra or other product that has the option of interchangeable straps. They are available in several widths – 12, 15, 18 mm. If necessary, wash them in lukewarm water or just wipe them. After use, it is recommended to store in a dark bag or in a drawer to prevent rapid yellowing of the braces.

How to optically correct the figure?

The purchase of swimwear is recommended when there is a large selection at the points of sale, because the cut is still the most essential. The swimsuit should fit nicely and additionally correct the figure.

I have larger breasts... The breasts need to be captured with just the right bra cups to give them a nice shape and work in harmony with the body. The model that has an additional lycra lining in the chest area, which strengthens the baskets, is especially suitable. Choosing a darker color and smaller patterns optically reduces the appearance of the breast.

I have smaller breasts... In addition, the breasts can be emphasized by choosing the right model (push-up bra, gel-bra, shaped foam cups) and by printing stronger colors, sequins, frills and similar accents on the chest area.

I have stronger thighs... Thighs should be hugged by the leg cut of the swimsuit just at the crease of the leg to get a nice look.

I have wide hips... The hips are narrowed by choosing a model that is darker than the chest over the hips, and this diverts the eye to the cleavage. I have narrow hips... We can emphasize the hips by choosing a stronger color and patterns at the height of the hips.

I have a wide waist... We narrow the waist with seams that emphasize the line of the body and swimwear that is combined with a darker or contrasting color on the sides.

What is the importance of colors when buying swimwear?

Before buying a swimsuit, it is worth thinking about its color.

It's good to be aware that strong colors in the sun, as well as in pools, are much less noticeable than they appear in the store. When buying a swimsuit, the choice of colors can be bolder, although to a large extent it is necessary to take into account the temperament and complexion, which will darken even more in the sun.

With dark skin, choosing a color is not a big problem, but with pale skin, it is recommended to choose between more intense colors and not between pale pastels.

How to choose the right swimsuit size?

Lisca incorporates its knowledge in the field of functional underwear into swimwear. Thus, every year in the swimwear collection in each line, swimwear is available in the assortment from A to F, so special attention is also paid to swimwear with larger baskets.

See the measurement instructions. Use the obtained dimensions to calculate the size and check it in the size chart.

What materials does Lisca use when making swimwear?

All swimwear materials have in common that they do not absorb much water and that they dry quickly after swimming. Of course, their essential property is elasticity. The swimsuit therefore fits the body nicely on dry land and in water. The shape, which expands during wear, then returns to its original shape. Comfort and, above all, freedom of movement are guaranteed.

Elastomer is very important for swimwear - a rubber or elastane thread that is characterized by high elasticity.

In order to ensure the proper functionality of the swimsuit, the linings used are very important.

For an overview of the most important fibers used to make knitwear or fabrics for both lingerie, swimwear, pajamas and T-shirts and blouses, click here.

How to maintain a swimsuit?
Clothes and sleeping program
What materials does Lisca use in the production of sleeping programs and clothes?

Models from the sleeping program are mainly made of 100% cotton or natural fiber blends (cotton, viscose, modal).
For T-shirts, elastic viscose of natural origin is mostly represented, while for blouses, beautifully flowing viscose and a mixture of cotton and other fibers are represented. For an overview of the most important fibers used to make knitwear or fabrics, both for underwear, swimwear, pajamas and for clothing, click here.

What should I do if I am smaller and have fuller breasts?

Often, ladies with such a figure wear very closed shirts, which further emphasizes the disproportion of the body. However, you could dare to have a deeper neckline, which would lengthen the line and it would not look as if the breasts are under the chin.

Can I use clothes to optically correct unwanted body features?

Of course. Larger patterns attract attention and hide curves, but T-shirts should not be too loose, as they optically increase the volume of the body. Meanwhile, smaller patterns on a larger figure look even smaller and emphasize the body even more, which is why fashion experts advise against them.

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