Delivery is carried out by the DHL, the Post of Slovenia and her correspondent partners in individual countries and DPD – parcel service provider of distinction and their correspondent partners. The table below shows which delivery service delivers the products bought in the on-line shop in an individual country.

Delivery time of goods is 4 to 10 working days.

Australia 38,00 € DHL
Belgium 8,00 € DPD
Cyprus 30,00 € DHL
Czech Republic 7,00 € DPD
Montenegro 10,00 € Post of Slovenia
Denmark 9,00 € DPD
Egypt 30,00 € DHL
Estonia 15,00 € DPD
Finland 19,00 € DPD
Irska 14,00 € DHL
Islandija 30,00 € DHL
Canada 30,00 € DHL
Kuwait 32,00 € DHL
Latvia 13,00 € DPD
Lithuania 11,00 € DPD
Luxemburg 8,00 € DPD
Hungary 7,00 € DPD
Netherlands 8,00 € DPD
Norway 30,00 € DHL
Poland 9,00 € DPD
Slovenia 3,50 € Post of Slovenia, DPD
Spain 14,00 € DPD
Sweden 11,00 € DPD
Switzerland 8,00 € DPD
USA 30,00 € DHL


Warning for buyers from countries which are not members of the European Union: buyers are obliged to meet all the expenses concerning the import declaration of goods to customs, including all import duties, in accordance with the valid legislation of the country of import of which they are explicitly warned about at the purchase.

Lisca d.o.o. does not take the responsibility for eventual delays of the delivery service. 

Lisca d.o.o. can change the price lists of delivery at any time. In addition to this, Lisca d.o.o. can choose another delivery service if this will lead to a more efficient execution of orders.

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