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How to optically fix your figure?

A purchase of swimsuits is recommendable when the choice in stores is large, but the key is still in the cut. Swimsuits should suit you nicely and additionally correct your figure.

I have larger bust... you need to choose the right size of bra cups, to shape them properly and in coherence with your body. For such cases you should have a model which has an additional Lycra basis in the cups which increases their firmness. The choice of a darker colour and smaller patterns will optically reduce the size of your bust.

I have smaller bust...They can be additionally outlined with the correct choice of the model, (push-up bra, gel-bra, a shaped padded bra) and with a stronger colour print, glitter, frills and other emphasis in the bust area.

I have stronger thighs... the leg cut needs to be placed right at the leg fold to make them look better.

I have broader hips... hips can be narrowed by selecting a model which has a darker colour over the hip area, and redirecting the view to the bust.

I have narrow hips... they can be outlined by choosing stronger colours in the height of the hips.

I have a wide waist... the waist section can be narrowed by the seaming that enhances the line of the body, and swimsuits that are combined with darker or contrasting colours on the sides.

What is the meaning of colours when buying swimsuits?

It is important to consider the colour of the swimsuits before buying them.

It is good to know that stronger colours are less noticeable in the sun and swimming pools than in the store. You can be considerably bolder in the selection of colour, although you should still take into consideration the temperament and the complexion (your skin will grow darker in the sun).

If you have darker complexion, the choice of colour should not be a problem, while a fair complexion requires the choice of more intensive colours rather than the pale pastels.

How to choose the right size of the swimsuits?

Lisca’s knowledge in the field of the shapewear is incorporated in the swimsuits as well. Each year swimsuits are available in the assortment from A to F sizes, with an especial care for the larger cup size swimsuits. See the measure out instructions

Which materials are used by lisca in the swimsuit manufacturing?

The common feature of all the swimsuit material is that they don’t absorb much water and that they dry quickly after swimming. Of course their key feature is elasticity. The swimsuits then fit perfectly in water and on the beach. The form stretches with wearing but is then returned to the original shape. Comfort and freedom of movement is thus ensured. A very important feature of the swimsuits is the elastometer – a rubbery or elastan thread, defined by great elasticity. The used lining is important for the guarantee of the swimsuit adequacy and functionality. For the overview of the most important fibres, used for the manufacturing of knitting or fabric, used in the lingerie, swimsuits, pyjamas, and tank-tops and blouses click here.

How to maintain swimsuits?

Click here.

How to optically fix your figure?

I have small breasts... there are many various push-up bras in the market which can help you with this problem. But on the other hand, your cleavage can be efficiently enlarged by luxurious, large jacquard and lacy patterns on the bra cups, and lacy inserts on the lower part of the cup. In such cases it’s always better for the laces to be sewn onto non-transparent material.

I have wide hips... have your pick amongst lacy or transparent accessories on the hip and leg cut section of your panties.

I have narrow hips... we suggest a choice of non-transparent material with lower cut leg or with slightly longer trouser legs which optically widen your figure. In general the non-transparent materials create the effect of enlargement with any type of lingerie.

I have large thighs... inserts of transparent materials ensure an effect of optical reduction, but it is more recommendable to use higher cut legs or functional (body shaping) panties that compress the thighs. Slim thighs are nicely featured with panties with longer trouser legs.

I have a rounded belly... you should to chose among the models of lingerie that are known mostly by seductiveness. Corselets and panties with high lace insertions on the sides and above the front leg cut will cover your belly. Such panties form a high and therefore optically narrow V-shaped triangle. Such insertions can be used even with flat figures. More compact lingerie is more appropriate for the correction of the stomach area since they compress it.

I need plus size underwear... for the shaping of such models you need elastic, richly patterned, and sometimes luxurious laces and knitting that maintain their own shape. To make you more daring and noticeable they are used on straps of the corselets and bras, their elasticity and broadness supplement the supporting role of the bra cups, and at the same time prevent the bra straps to cut into the skin on your shoulders.

How to choose lingerie for various occasions?

How many items of lingerie does a woman need, depends mainly on the habits, needs, desires and financial options. And although there are differences amongst women it is said that a woman should have at least five pieces of basic bras and ten pieces of basic panties for everyday use, and at the same time a few more corselets and bodies or tank-tops. More and more women feel more confident when having a set of lingerie for special occasions.

For every day
For daily use it is most appropriate to use lingerie in which a woman feels most comfortable and is easy to maintain (materials like cotton, modal and micra). We recommend: a bra and panties set, body, corset

For those seductive moments
Lacy lingerie and micra panties in different colours outline your femininity more. We recommend: push up bra, a bra with gel pads, string panties and a corset (body)

For special occasions
This type of lingerie is made from more luxurious and fashionable materials which supplement the upper clothing or be one. We recommend: corsage, bustier, torselet, a bra with removable straps.

Functional underwear which shapes your figure, it is made from a more compact elastic and non-elastic fibres. We recommend: a functional bra, corset, mider briefs.

For nursing mothers
Mothers who breast-feed their babies need bras that enable the opening of the bra cup and are easy to maintain. They are made from elastic cotton and lacy knitting. We recommend: a functional bra with enabled cup opening.

For women who had undergone surgery
This type of bra has the option of inserting prosthesis, and is made from elastic materials. We recommend: a functional bra, a custom made model

How to choose the right lingerie considering the upper clothes?

A transparent blouse: wear lingerie of a matching colour as the blouse or in skin colour

A low neck dress: use removable straps, firm bust support, and an appropriate shape/size of the cups.

A tight-clinging dress: a bra with seamless cups, string panties/body, midder panties

Tight pants: bikini panties, string panties, string body, panties with elongated hoses

What is the meaning of colours when shopping laundry?

Not so long ago, lingerie had been available only in black, white and skin colours. But the new materials, new fashion trends and greater awareness of the meaning of lingerie as fashionable wear, have brought more colour, diversity and beauty in the lingerie department. Even colours now change intensively and every new collection has – with the mandatory black, white and skin colour – series in very fashionable colour shades.

Under the thin upper clothing it is best to wear a bra of the same colour. Colours affect your mood as well. Here we list some of the psychological findings in connection to colours:



The positive effects


Pure and Innocent

Emphasises the gentleness and grace


Strong and Seductive

Emphasises the elegance and beauty


Lively and Energetic

Excites and encourages passion


Calm and Dreamy

Calms and liberates


Warm and Playful

It gives the feeling of liveliness


Adaptable and Relaxed

It calms, relaxes and gives a sense of security


Majestic and Luxurious

It dares and seduces


Joyful and Sensual

Encourages desire


Solid and Stable

Protects and induces trust


Shy and Elegant

Gives a sensation of calmness and adaption


Sensitive and Refined

Induce trust and tenderness


How to choose the right size of lingerie?

It is especially important that your lingerie feels like a second skin when you wear it, as if made to your measures exactly.

Sadly many consumers are displeased with their lingerie. They virtually stay with the same bra number for their whole life (it is more common to do so with panties), although their bodies change in their lifetime due to several events (pregnancy, body weight change, muscle mass reduction, the loosening of the connective tissue).

See the measure out instructions. 

How is lingerie in Lisca and Cheek by Lisca collections designed?

A team of designers collects ideas on various specialised fashion fares, fashion magazines, in expert literature, symposiums, conferences and exhibitions. When the fashion trends, colours, patterns, the basic and secondary materials had been picked, we form the concept of the collection and its range with our market experts. We chose the headline stories of the Lisca Fashion, Lisca Selection and Cheek by Lisca collections. A similar process of idea gathering takes place in the formation of the swimsuit and sleepwear programme, formed alongside the lingerie programme, while the designing of tank-tops and blouses requires the knowledge of fashion trends for the upper clothing. Only when a designer has the necessary basic information, can she create an entire series. Sketches are made in computer graphics, followed by the selection of the final models which are the heart of the collection. In the next phase a creator gives detailed instructions to the model maker, their coherent cooperation already representing one half of success. The model maker first makes the basic cut, for the prototype. This is the basis for the first model made in the sample sewing-room, which is then tested on a model girl and necessary changes and improvements are noted. Corrections are then made and when a collection is complete it is presented to the market experts. After their selection the lingerie is sent to manufacturing process. Lingerie designing is therefore team work, where more than 10 persons are involved.

What kind of materials does Lisca use in lingerie manufacturing?

Lisca cooperates with the highest-quality and reputation manufacturers of quality knitting, lace and other materials, used for clothing which is in direct skin contact. And as an interesting fact: for optimal effect and suiting of a bra there are more than 30 different materials used in a single model. All materials are tested beforehand and have approved certificates of adequacy.

For the overview of the most important fibres, used for the manufacturing of knitting or fabric, used in the lingerie, swimsuits, pyjamas, and tank-tops and blouses click.

How to maintain your lingerie?

I don't like underwire – what can i do about it?

Bras without underwire (support) are divided into lighter section and those with an explicit bust support. The first are usually softer without underwire, which do not shape the breasts but only slightly raise them. The basic task of these bras is that they carry them. We recommend them to women who truly have a bust that is nice and firm on its own. These can be found in the Natural collection, where the emphasis is on the natural fibres and use of cotton. And as daily lingerie are very easy to maintain. If you are a lady in her middle ages there is quite a various selection in the Classic collection, where you can mainly find bras without underwire and a more light character, and the bras with explicit bra support, meaning that they are made from stronger materials and the bra cup on its own, padded with non-elastic materials.

One of my breasts is larger than the other. What kind of a bra should i wear?

Most women have one breast which is larger than the other, which is particularly noticeable when having period. In this case lengthen the strap on the side of the larger breast, creating balance. Some women solve the problem by inserting a silicon pad in the cup carrying the smaller breast. If you are merely trying to conceal the asymmetry, use a padded bra.

What can i do if the back of the bra is being constantly pulled up?

In such case the bust is not positioned nicely, so you should try a smaller bra size. For example: with the size 90D the size of the bra is to big – try 85, but not D cup size (a smaller below-bustline size means a smaller cup size as well). It would be more appropriate to chose E cup, ensuring your bra has the same actual cup size, but a smaller below-bustline size, thus placing the bra in place.

Bra straps are eating in my skin – what can i do?

With bigger cup sizes the straps are usually broader. It is best to chose those that are padded with foam and hold the weight.

My breasts are bigger and “soft” on the top as well. What can i do?

For breasts like this it is best to use padded bra with double shaped cups up to G cup size, with broad, padded straps.

When to use transparent straps?

Transparent or silicon straps are especially appropriate for wearing under sweaters, tops with spaghetti strings, low neck shirts, since they merge with the skin. They can be placed on any kind of bra or other product that has an option of replaceable straps. They are available in several sizes – 12, 15, 18 mm in width. They can be washed if necessary in mild water or only wiped. After use it is recommendable to keep them in a dark bag or a drawer, to prevent the rapid colour change of the straps.

How to enhance the clevage area or make it even more seductive?

For cleavage enhancement you can use silicone pads which can be bought separately- the soft and transparent pads can be inserted in the bra cup to provide support. They are available in one universal size. Even if you damage or puncture the pad there is no risk of a liquid spill since the content of the pad isn’t liquid.

Which materials does Lisca use in themanufacturing of the sleepwear and clothing collection?

The models in the sleepwear programme are made primarily from 100% cotton or a mixture of natural fibres (cotton, viscose, modal). With tops there is mainly the elastic viscose of natural origin and with blouses a nicely flowing viscose and a mixture of cotton and other fibres. For the overview of the most important fibres, used for the manufacturing of knitting or fabric, used in the lingerie, swimsuits, pyjamas, and clothing click.

What should i do if i am smaller in stature and my bust is fuller?

Usually ladies with such figure wear high-necked tops which outline the physical asymmetry even more. However they could afford to wear a lower neck which would elongate the body line and thus avoid the appearance of breasts positioned too close to the chin.

Can blouses and tops optically fix the unwanted physical characteristics?

Definitely – bigger patterns attract attention but conceal the outline of the body. However, they should not be too loosely cut since they enhance the volume of the body. While finer patterns on a larger figure appear even more detailed and put more emphasis on the body and experts advice against it.