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»Timeless« Pyjama sweatshirt and 3/4 leggings

»Timeless« Pyjama sweatshirt and 3/4 leggings

»Timeless« Pyjama sweatshirt and 3/4 leggings


»Timeless« pyjama set includes a short-sleeved tunic and 3/4 bottoms. It is also made from light natural cotton that will allow your skin to breath at night. The tunic is decorated with interesting and adorable frills on the sides further accentuating the split on the top. The modern single-colour top is shorter on the front and longer at the back, giving the pyjama set an extremely youthful look. The neck cut ends in a narrow border, while the bottoms have wide elastic around the waist ensuring that the clothes does not cut into the skin.

-     modern pyjama set with short sleeves and leggings with 3/4 bottoms
-     tunic that is shorter on the front, longer at the back
-     both sides have a split with a playful detail of frills
-     neck cut ends in a narrow border
-     3/4 bottoms are of tight fitting cut with a pattern of grey stripes
-     wide elastic around the waist
-     youthful pyjama set 

Cotton: 95% Elastane: 5%
- Note care instructions on the label attached.