Order Confirmation

The order in on-line shop is submitted when the user receives an automatic electronic notification on the email provided. This electronic e-mail notification is not a confirmation that the product is in stock or that the product dispatch is in progress. The order will be confirmed finaly in the form of a new e-notification concerning confirmation of the order most lately in 2 working days after its submission. In case of the product ordered being out of stock or the order being impossible to perform because of some other reason, the user will again be notified by e-mail. The confirmed orders at will be treated by Lisca d.o.o. as irrevocable. In case of a mistake, a buyer can cancel the order without any additional costs until he receives the secon e-notification about the confirmation of the order. However, the order can also be rejected by Lisca d.o.o. if it suspects that the misuse of web pages might have occurred.
With the execution of the order, the buyer confirms that he was introduced and accepted the general terms and conditions and that he was warned about it explicitly.
Please see more information on the quick and easy process of returning the order: CLICK HERE


All prices are in Euros (EUR) and are bound by a country. For buyers from countries of the European Union the prices include value added tax (VAT). For buyers from countries that are not members of the European Union value added tax is not calculated; however, these buyers are obliged to meet all the expenses concerning the import declaration of goods to customs, including all import duties, in accordance with the valid legislation of the country of import of which they are explicitly warned about at the purchase. When making a purchase, the valid prices and discounts are those at the moment of order submittal. Prices in the on-line shop are valid till new rates are published.The time of validity of a special offer in the on-line shop is listed at the on-line shop. Listed prices apply only for purchases in the Lisca on-line shop and can differ from the prices on points of sale Lisca.


The buyer from a country that is a member of the European Union can intend the products he bought to a third person as a gift. The delivery address of the person that the buyer wants to give present to, must be within the country we are able to deliver the order to. In such cases, the payment is possible only via charge card. Lisca d.o.o. will take care of the delivery of the gift to its receiver, the bill will be sent to the buyer. In order to send your package as a gift without the receipt, please activate the box in the card next to the delivery option.

How to redeem a bonus code in the online shop

You can redeem the bonus code that you downloaded through the online shop only in the online shop.

Only one bonus code can be redeemed for each order in the online shop.

Bonus codes are manually or automatically created strings of letters or numbers that can be redeemed in the online shop by entering MY E-COUPON CODE in the text box. The code can be entered at the Checkout or at the end of the purchase process before confirming the order.

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