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 Instructions for taking your measures
 A:  cup size
  B:  size below bust

Determine the right bra size
Firstly, the band size is determined, based on your size below bust B.
To measure your size below bust, position the metre horizontally around your rib cage just below the breasts. Thus, your band size (in centimetres) is determined: 65, 70, 80, 85, etc. Bra sizes allow a 2-centimetre deviation in any direction, which means that, e.g. size 80 fits underbust girths from 78–82 cm.

Next, your cup size should be measured A. Place the metre in the position of the bra clasp on the back, over the nipples and all the way to the chest bone.

Then compare your cup size to your size below bust:
- if your cup size exceeds your size below bust by 12 – 14 centimetres, the cup size that fits you is most likely A,
- cup-below bust size difference 14 – 16 centimetres, cup B,
- cup-below bust size difference 16 – 18 centimetres, cup C,
- cup-below bust size difference 18 – 20 centimetres, cup D,
- cup-below bust size difference 20 – 22 centimetres, cup E, and
- cup-below bust size difference 22 – 24 centimetres, cup F.

Here is an example: if a customer’s size below bust amounts to 80 centimetres, while her cup size is between 96 and 98 centimetres, the suitable bra size for her will probably be 80C.