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Rules on privacy

What type of data do we collect?

Lisca d.o.o. collects the following personal data for business needs: name and surname, address, e-mail address, phone number, coded password and other data the users enter into forms on the lisca.com website. Lisca is not responsible for correctness of data entered by the user.
To ensure safety and traceability, we also collect the IP addresses from which the users access our website. Each individual user is assigned a session cookie at the beginning of each visit, which helps with identification and monitoring of the shopping cart. Lisca d.o.o. may also save other cookies on the user’s computer, such as the user’s ID in a coded format (to recognise the user on subsequent visits) and Google Analytics cookies (to analysis the website visits).
The session cookies are only stored in the server’s memory for the duration of the visit and are deleted after one hour of inactivity. The long-term cookies are stored on the user’s computer for 2 years and afterwards become inactive.
Check the list of the COOKIES we use.

The manner and the purpose of personal data processing 

By using the Lisca.com website, the user agrees to the rules and general terms and conditions applicable at the time of use, which are published on the same website. All changes of the rules and general terms and conditions are regularly published on the website, including the manner and purpose of processing of the collected personal data.

Lisca d.o.o. as data manager may use the data in anonymised summarised form for the purpose of statistical analyses. Lisca d.o.o. shall not transfer the user data to unauthorised third persons.
Subscription to the e-Newsletter:

The users can subscribe to the e-Newsletter to be informed of the novelties in on-line stores and other sales points, of marketing activities and other promotions, until the cancellation of subscription. By subscribing to the e-news, the user is entered onto the list of e-Newsletter recipients, which also serves as the database of people entitled to the benefits that Lisca offers its users (loyalty discounts, monthly prize draw, etc.). For the purpose of e-Newsletter subscription, Lisca d.o.o. collects the following data: e-mail, IP address and, if the users subscribes as a registered member, name, surname, address, phone number and date of birth.

After sending the form with entered e-mail address, a confirmation mail is sent to the given e-mail address. By confirming the subscription via the confirmation mail, the user is subscribed to Lisca’s e-Newsletter until cancellation (the so-called opt-in confirmation). The user can request at any time, in written format or by clicking the Unsubscribe button in the e-Newsletter, that the personal data managers temporarily or permanently stops using his/her personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. The request will be granted within 15 days from receipt of the demand, as prescribed by the law. The user can also request the transfer of data or consultation of the data. The manager, Lisca d.o.o. commits to diligent protection of data in accordance with the personal data protection legislation.
Lisca d.o.o. sends out the e-Newsletter via the MailChimp application.

Participation in prize draws: 

Processing of data collected from users participating in prize draws is regulated by the rules on prize draws.

User registration:

In the Lisca.com online store, each individual can sign-up as registered user. The content of the online store is also available to anonymous, unregistered users (guests). The registered users must enter the required data as part of the registration process. Each registered user has his/her own user name and confidential password. The user must ensure that only he/she and authorised persons will have access to his/her user name and password. The user is responsible for any content he/she writes on the Lisca.com pages. The final purchaser at the Lisca.com online store can only be a registered user or an unregistered user (guest) purchasing articles for personal use or non-profit activities. Only natural persons can make purchases on Lisca.com website.

When the user signs-up, the Lisca d.o.o. company will use the entered data until cancellation to process the user’s purchase order, prepare relevant offers and for the purpose of marketing analyses to improve the sales process. The data may be used for remarketing purposes. The registration allows the user to monitor past purchases and shortens the purchasing procedure. Lisca d.o.o. stores the data until cancellation of registration in accordance with Slovene legislation. The user can cancel the registration at any time by sending an e-mail to privacy@lisca.si or clicking the Delete account button. The e-mail for cancellation of registration must contain the following information: the subject line must be User account cancellation and the e-mail must contain the name and surname of the users, address and e-mail address used for registration. The e-mail must be sent from the e-mail address used for creation of the account.

Purchase order as a guest:

If the users purchases articles as a guest, Lisca d.o.o. will used the entered data to process the purchase order. In accordance with the Article 86 of the Value Added Tax Act, Lisca d.o.o. as a taxable person is obliged to ensure storage of invoices related to supply of goods or services on Slovene territory at least 10 years after the end of the year on the invoice, which means that the data on the invoice is also stored for this period.

Contact forms and sending of e-mails 

By sending specific question to Lisca d.o.o. via contact forms or e-mail addresses published on the website, the users entrusts the manager with the entered data. The data will be used to provide answer to the user’s question. The e-mail addresses published on the website are not personal, but professional addresses. This means that they are not bound to one physical person and that the data sent in this way can be processed by different persons in order to answer the user’s question quickly and efficiently. By sending an e-mail via the website or to the addresses published at the website, the user agrees to general terms and condition of the Lisca.com website.
User’s rights

The user can request at any time to consult the personal data the data manager can process, and can demand its limitation, deletion, correction or transfer. Any questions related to personal data protection on the Lisca.com website can be sent to the e-mail address privacy@lisca.si.

How do we ensure data safety?

The data the user sends via contact formats on Lisca.com pages or in other ways (via e-mail, phone, etc.) is confidential and processed in accordance with the applicable Slovene legislation. Lisca d.o.o. will protect personal data and prevent data abuse. The personal data will be used only for the purposes the user agreed to. The personal data can only be accessed by persons authorised by Lisca d.o.o. (employees, contracting partners) in possession of the correct user name and password. The user is also responsible for protection of the personal data by securing his/her user name and password.

For any user personal data transfer, Lisca d.o.o. uses the SSL technology which encodes all information sent with the purchases. The information on the credit card used to pay for the order, if the user selects this type of payment, is transferred in a coded format directly from the user’s computer to the bank’s authorisation server.

Transfer of data to authorised partners

All the data that the user entrusts to the manager is confidential. Lisca d.o.o. shall not transfer it to unauthorised third persons. Lisca d.o.o. may transfer the personal data to trustworthy partners or to fulfil legal obligations in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act. The data may be transferred to:
- Subsidiaries for the purpose of processing of purchase orders related to individual subsidiary;
- Data processing and IT companies who ensure undisturbed operation of the website and improve it (server hosting, e-mail marketing, etc.);
- To marketing agencies for the purpose of remarketing (in encrypted format);
- To companies that ensure smooth purchasing procedure (PayPal, courier services, etc.) – but only in the scope needed for successful implementation of the order;
- To competent institutions, if provided by the law (courts, etc.).

All partners who have access to the personal data are obliged to handle it with due care and in accordance with the European legislation.


By using the Lisca.com website, the user agrees with the general terms and conditions published on the website. All changes of the general terms and conditions are regularly published on the websites, including the manner and purpose of processing of the collected personal data.

Connection to social networks

By clicking on the icon of the social network (Facebook, Instagram) on Lisca.com website, the user can access the Lisca d.o.o. profiles on social networks and the posts of other profiles whose content is related to Lisca d.o.o. Clicking on the buttons with the icons allows the social network to quickly provide the user with relevant information based on his/her online activity.

The personal data manager is:
Lisca, d.o.o., Prešernova 4, 8290 Sevnica, Slovenia, SI 66676177.
Any questions about privacy and personal data processing can be sent to privacy@lisca.si.