"Ines" Non-wired Body

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-     comfortable body with no wire support or foam cups
-     bra, undershirt and panties in one
-     cotton everyday underwear
-     romantic decorative lace in the neckline area
-     seamless, double-shaped cups with no visible edges underneath clothing
-     straps are adjustable and wider in larger sizes
-     fastening band in the leg area allows a three-stage length adjustment

Cotton: 95 %, Elastane: 5 %

  • After washing hang lingerie to dry out, but on direct sunlight.
  • Do not squeeze bras with foam cups during washing.
  • Wash the laundry by hand or in a laundry bag, note the temperature information on the care instructions on the label attached.
  • Wash white and colored lingerie always separated.
  • Wash white lingerie with a general purpose detergent for colored items use a detergent for delicate lingerie.
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